My Smart Things android app is not longer displaying notifications

Is something wrong with notifications ?

I have several motion sensors that notify me when triggered and I have two presence sensors which notify me when my cars arrive and leave.

None of these are generating notifications on my phone. When I open the app and select hamburger->notifications the events are all there.

I don’t have notifications disabled for the app so I have no clue why this suddenly stopped working.

Any ideas ?

Check in the IDE for events. It should be under My Locations->List Notifications.

Destination should be you phone (last column)

Notifications have been working for me on Android tonight. Could be a temp issue or you may need to contact support.

Do you have contacts enabled?

The Android app lists the notifications as I mentioned and checking the IDE as you suggested they are there also.

But the phone is no longer displaying these notifications.

What do you mean by “contacts enabled” ?

Hey Ron,

I ran into the same issue when I first got my hub a month ago. It was only resolved once I upgraded my phone to marshmallow. I had tried everything from reinstalling the app to wiping cache to factory resetting the phone.

Try the following

  1. Close the app, and go wipe app data and cache
  2. Ensure that in android app settings show notifications is enabled
  3. If that doesn’t work you might have to try a reinstall, then before opening the app do steps 1 and 2.
  4. If all else fails hard reset…

I found when I enabled it I had to set up my account to allow push notifications. Its nice cause I can control who gets notifications a little better.

So it does look like its is sending just something not working. Zebrablind step 1 and 2 are good steps, but before going crazy and factory reseting phone I would contact support. There may be a blocked queue so messages are not being sent.

To check notification settings go under Settings->App->SmartThings->Notifications

I noticed ST is not set for priority notifications. Double check your phone that it is not set on Do Not Disturb.

I figured out why my app stopped processing notifications. I had wiped the cache for the app in an attempt to fix the overall slowness I am finding this device is causing on my HTC One M7 based on a recommendation to do this posted to my other thread about poor android performance when ST is installed. It seems like deleting the cache caused my notifications to stop working. I am surprised by this because you should be able to clear a cache and not affect an app but this seems to have been the cause.

I uninstalled and re-installed the ST app and the issue has gone away.

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Usually after clear cache it will ask you to login again to rebuild it. Might have been a partial clear which got it messed up.

Glad it’s working again

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