Limit security push notifications

Hopefully this fits here. I just set up the security functions of my ST hub. Being the tech guy in the family, I set up my parents’ house with a hub, added them as users on my account, then set up my own home location (since that seems to be the only way to avoid them being able to control devices in my home). So they don’t see any of my devices, but if I arm the security and one of my sensors is tripped, they get the security alerts via push notifications as well. Is there any way to limit who receives these push notifications since they don’t even have access to my devices?

Push notifications from ST are all or none.

Why not set them up with their own account? You could still use their credentials on a tablet or something when you need to tweak or troubleshoot something for them right?

If you have two hubs… in two different locations was there a reason you didn’t create an account for your parents hub?
That would have kept everything separate

Mostly just that I set it up for them while they were away and I tweak their automation settings periodically. Ideally we wouldn’t have to share credentials though. Is there any way for me to remove the location at this point and transfer admin of the location to them?

There is a way to enable contacts via a hidden IDE address. Also, SHM is nothing more than a rule. You could use webCoRE to build your own rule and use Contacts to choose who receive Push Notification or Text…

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I’ve heard a little about contacts but I thought that’s limited to android?

I used this method to enable contact book

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Wow I can’t believe I hadn’t heard about this. Just set it up and it seems to work.

Just check your apps that send push notifications and make sure they still work.

Yeah I tested out a couple push notifications. And SMS to two different phone #s at once seems to work too, which is what I was really looking for.

Thanks again.