Contacts? It's messed everything up

Hi all,

I saw a “contacts” section in the Android app the other day. I thought “ooo what’s that?” and added a contact…

Suddenly I stopped getting push notifications in the app.

When I went into Notify Me When app it now requires me to select a contact before saving.

Unfortunately I am unable to delete any contacts in the app (I just get the red banner) and all notifications come as crappy SMS rather than push notifications…

Help, I just want to go back to the way it was!

Sorry I forgot to mention that I’m in the UK

The Contacts interface is in the IDE. Try it there and you may be able to get around your issue:

Hi beckwith

Thanks for your reply.

The url is a bit different for UK, but I did see that in another page further down.

Unfortunately I get access denied if I try to delete a contact in that page.

What I really want it to go back to the “contacts disabled” state, which is the default unless you click on the contacts page I think…

I think it is a “one way street” so to speak and you will need to contact support to get it back.

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I had the same problem.
Send an email to support adding then to remove it from your account.
It took then a few days to get to mine, but all is good now.

Thanks guys I’ve email support as you recommended.

That’ll teach me for touching things I don’t know what they’re for…