[REMOVED] Nest Manager 2.0

Glad to hear that. Wow. I just realized a super simple way to simulate not having contactBook on my account.

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Can you send me a screenshot of the contact selection page?

Thank but I need a shot of what you see on the select recipients page

Can you try this trick to enable the contacts on your account?

Look for post 12 I believe by Andy Rawson:

To speed up the learning process.

  • Log into the IDE
  • Browse to https://graph.api.smartthings.com/account/list
  • Click on the link for the Name of your account
  • In the URL bar you will see https://graph.api.smartthings.com/account/show/%My_Unique_ID%
  • Just replace the account/show section with contact
  • So it looks like this https://graph.api.smartthings.com/contact/%My_Unique_ID%
  • Select +New Contact or Either of the Import Buttons to proceed

That worked. I guess your future proofing? How will this work if you wanted it sent to anyone on your account? You’d have to select each of them in my contacts?

i’ve had access for a year now so it’s the only thing I know :slight_smile:
The recipient selection pages with show you anybody that in you contacts. Now it will only show the push notifications checkbox next to users you share your account with. All others it will allow SMS messages.

Any app that integrates this you will automatically see those selections

Cool. I guess all of my existing apps will need to be updated eventually to support this feature so I can selectively push notifications to myself or my wife as I choose. She doesn’t care about battery alerts, but cares about laundry being done :slight_smile:

Btw,what’s really weird is since I enabled My Contacts, my iOS app is blazing fast. It’s like I got put on a new beefy server :slight_smile:

Now that it’s enabled you will see contacts option under the mobile app menu. You can import directly from your mobile contacts

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I deleted my automation and took your previous advice of separating my automations. I originally had the automation for turning off the system when my doors were open and the mode changes in the same automation. After separating them out it seems like it started working again. I will report back tomorrow if it doesn’t work again.

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So far working great. Couple of observations…
1.The humidity readings are 2 % higher than the native nest app.
2. By touching the refresh tile, nothing seems changing. The ‘last data received’ stays same.

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That’s not technically possible. The app pulls all of the data directly from Nest and stores it in a Map.
The only possible cause is that the app is not actually pulling in any data because their was an install or a state issue.

Was this an upgrade or fresh install?

You may be right…I have seen differences of 1-2% between nest and nest app.

One of the most needed feature is to control the humidity easily without navigating deep in nest app. Nest never provided the automatic humidity adjustment with changing outside temp to prevent condensation in windows. I believe no API support on humidity control from nest. Any thoughts ?

I agree 100% with that. It’s unbelieveable how limited their API is. It would be nice if there was Humidity control. Filter life info, other info like wireless signal strength etc. That was the only benefit to the previous nest devices hacked connection method

I just started working with the rach.io API and the amount of detail available exposed is crazy compared to Nest’s


I concur. The humidity % value has always been 1-2% different between your ST app and the Nest app. This has been the case in both v1 and v2 of your app. And I did a complete wipe of v1 before installing v2.

But in the whole scheme of things this is minor. I love what you’ve done with integrating Nest Thermostat, Protect, and local weather into ST.

Lol… I remember now… Nest’s API rounds the humidity to the nearest 5%.
I couldn’t tell you why but they do…

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@sambeet @KakaduDreamer: If you guys ever want to see what data the app sees just pop into the Manager app and view the API data section for all of the data available in the API

Routines wasn’t working correctly for me yesterday. After the update they seemed to work again. This morning I noticed that the temp setting was changed correctly, but the home/away mode stayed in home instead of changing to away. This may be a ST issues and not a Nest Manager App issue.

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