Move hub to different account

I have 2 homes with 2 different hubs under one account. I’d like to move one of the hubs, its devices, and all its apps to a different account. Is this possible or will I have to recreate everything?

Different account = yes
Different location = no

Great to hear! How do I do it? I wasn’t able to figure it out over the weekend. I have 2 locations, each with one hub and multiple devices. I am trying to move the location, hub, and everything to a new account which cannot access the second location/hub/devices.

I came here looking for an answer… but it was never answered.

So I e-mailed support.

“Once it’s connected to an email, the only way to change it to a new email is to remove the Hub, remove the Location, and set everything up again.”

I need to move a hub from my work location to a second home location. I would also like it to be on a new account. I don’t mind setting things up again because I only have 4 devices on it now and the new location will have it’s own devices.

Do I delete the location and then the hub ? Just want to do this in the correct order so I don’t have issues re-adding it. I have to do this over the weekend and then the hub will be traveling to Canada for it’s new home location. So I need to get it all set up quickly over the weekend.

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Hey Ron,

Delete the Hub, then the Location. Hubs have to have a location to be tied to, but a location can exist without a Hub (@work geofences, etc)

Good luck!

Thanks that was what I was looking for. I am on the fence about doing this. I really don’t trust it will work. Touching anything in SmartThings scares me because it is so easy to break. The hub is working and I don’t want to try to add it to another account and have it reject “already in use on another account” and then refuse to be added back into the original account.

But that said the fact that the SmartThings App doesn’t let use send notifications to specific users on the account makes me want to move it…tough decision.

If you can find a way to get the “Contacts” feature enabled on your ST account, it is very simple to send either push or SMS notifications to specific users. I am not sure what the hold up is with general availability of the Contacts feature. It was available early on in the v2.0 ST App rollout last year on the Android platform. Then ST seemed to hide it from users who had never set it up. For those that did set it up, they still have access to it, and it seems to work very well for my purposes. There is a thread about a trick that you can use to get it enabled, if you have access to an Android device.

Here’s the thread…

I knew it. I removed the hub from my account. Created a new account. And now the smartthings app wants my 6 digit code to install the hub which “Can only be used once”…
Off to support !!!

Update: I found my 6digit code and it actually can be used again. Not sure why they say it can only be used once.