CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

I have a simple piston that if a particular door is open then send me a push notification. Ihave the action as:
Using jims android send push message.

It works, but for some reason my wife also gets the push message on her phone.

Why would that be?

Thanks @a4refillpad, so easy when you see it in front of you, makes complete sense.

@Jwwhite, ST will push a message to every mobile device that has the app installed and is logged in with your account. If you want an individual notification then its SMS only. If you do that don’t forget you need the full intention dial code. So foe a mobile/cell it would be +447885123456 as an example.

I currently have a Piston which controls a group of lights to turn on at 3500k colour temperature during day time and 6500k at evening and night. I would like to control this at a light level rather than the group. Is it possible to do this without having to create 1 Piston per bulb?

You should be able to create a single piston that has a rule for each bulb separately (I do this now but in Smart Lighting). I’m curious as to why you want to control them individually instead of as a group? I have so few bulbs right now that everything is handled individually, but I’m thinking ahead to some possible groupings.

Can anyone see anything in this piston that would cause CoRE not to set the levels? The light changes to the correct colors at the correct time, but does not change to the correct level…

@Jwwhite this is mostly true. There is a way to bring out the contacts feature. Read through this. It will take a bit of effort but it’s worth it.

@Etoimos Thanks for your input. I see the piston you posted. I think this was done in expert mode. I think I can do something like this for each of my bulb.

The reason I want to do this for each bulb is because at times I would like the flexibility to control individual bulbs and they still be at the correct color temperature when turned on. I will then include each of the bulb on command into the piston I create to control groups.

Hi, I need help for 2 CoRE programming

  1. I have a Xiaomi cube contains 7 buttons, how to do all 7 options in 1 CoRE?

  2. Xiaomi button…how to program 1 click turn on and double click turn off.


Hi guys,

I need some help with a Piston I’m working on. My Door lock has a pesky 1 minute timer, that I want to get around, for when either of us arrives home. I’d like the door to be open for 5 minutes unless we’ve already opened and locked it.

It should look like this:

IF Presence Sensor(s) changes to present

-Begin For Loop (simple) - 5 times
–Unlock Front Door
–Wait 59 seconds
–Begin IF Block
—If Front Door is Locked
—Then End Loop

Now the problem is, inside the IF block, I can’t compare against any device states, only environment variables. How can I do this?

A hacky way around is to set device states into variables using another piston, if you’re really determined to crush this issue lol. :muscle:

He can read those into vars before or inside the loop too. Just a warning, the wait inside the loop does not delay evaluations - it will pre-schedule all following tasks for the future.

In other words, if he is hoping to keep the loop going and waiting for a device attribute to change, that will never work with CoRE. I am addressing that in CoRE (SE).


Trying to add an action to Set Smart Home Monitor status, but when I try to select the Status (Tap to set), I get “No available options”. Any ideas?

This might be Hue or my CoRe Piston but I installed under cabinet lighting throughout my kitchen and the goal is to have these lights create a subtle transitioning color effect. When the piston triggers the lights turn on (good), but the lights do not transition to a different color. Any ideas?

Quick question about presence sensors. Which method is better for triggering an action when all sensors have changed to not present. I tried ALL and ANY for the evaluation and both seemed to trigger when either of the presence sensors left rather than waiting for all sensors to leave.

So now I’m thinking I should do something like this

If presence 1 changed to not present AND presence 2 changed to not present then …

I seem to remember seeing that when using the AND in the group container both presence sensors would need to change at the exact same time to trigger, is this correct?

For my Away mode piston, this is what I have:
◦ Each of P1, P2 or P3 presence is not present

Hello All,

First and foremost.
Thanks to the developer for this great tool and the comunity for support.

I have a small issue that I hope someone can point me in the correct direction. I have a piston that turns on a light when motion is detected then turns it off after 3 minutes if no motion is present.(see image)
The problem im encountering is that if I manualy turn on the light it will turn it off after the time set in that particular piston…is there a way around this?

Any help is appreciated

I would use a variable.
So if light comes on with motion,
turn on light
Set variable lightname to using string on.

Then I would use else not false.
Motion sensor is inactive
Variable lightname using string is on
Wait 5 minutes
Set variable lightname using string to off
Turn off.

This way the light will only turn off if turned on with motion.
EDIT: Also use cancel on piston state change in the else.

You could you could use ALL, then under your actions, make the piston execute on piston state change only. Then won’t happen after only one person leaves, it will only execute if both people are gone.

Something like this

You could you could use ALL, then under your actions, make the piston execute on piston state change only. Then your actions won’t happen after only one person leaves, it will only execute if both people are gone.

Something like this

How did you get to EACH? I only have ANY or ALL.