CoRE Help with notifications

I want a notification if my garage door is left open after 10 minutes. I assume I can use CoRE for this? I have a smart app, but it is quiet old and sometimes it doesnt work.

you need to add another SMS notification right after the while that says “Thank you for closing the gate, man, whatta draft…”


Thank you. But I dont know how to get the second script to work with my stuff. I dont want a text message, i want push notification to my phone only.

you need to enable contacts, select the needed contact(s) in the webCoRE parent app, then use the Send notification to contacts task and choose your PUSH contact.

But how to i create the expression to increase the notification by 10 minutes. So for example…the door is open 10 min, then the door is open 20 min. etc.

where do i enable contacts>? I am new to webcore! lol

Contacts are a ST feature, a quick search in the forum for “enable contacts” brought me here:

EDIT: Follow this:

Cool. One last question. I have a piston in the original CoRE that contains a condition called “And if…” What is the equivalent in WebCore?