FAQ: Manufacturer/Model Shows All Zeroes

If you are having trouble pairing a device and get the message that there is no matching fingerprint, the first thing to do is go to the advanced page of the web interface to your account and check the details.

(Other symptoms might be that it only pairs as a basic zwave switch, or it pairs, but is not controllable. But the point is if there are zeros or blanks in the manufacturer and product ID fields, it hasn’t paired correctly yet.)


If the device has a valid “fingerprint,” the manufacturer and model fields will be filled in.

This is the details page for a zwave lock which failed to complete the pairing. The manufacturer and model field can be anything, that’s up to the manufacturer. Often it’s just a string of letters and numbers. But what it should NOT be is blank or all zeroes.

Since it was all zeros, smartthings assigned it to the simplest Z wave device it had, a switch, making the lock unusable. :disappointed_relieved:

Anytime a device shows with zeros or blanks in the manufacturer or model field it means the pairing was unsuccessful, and there is no edge driver that can work with it until you have a good pairing.

The most common reason for this was that the device was too far away and timed out before the pairing could complete.

It’s frustrating, but you just have to remove the device from your account and try pairing again until you get a good pairing.

Most people do this by bringing the hub closer to the device or the device closer to the hub before trying again. :thinking:

Another possible factor is if this is a battery powered device, and the battery is running low, it may time out or go into sleep mode before the pairing can be completed. So just use a new battery and try again. :low_battery::battery: