Edge driver uninstalled but still gets used when adding device

As @orangebucket noted, smartthings has a channel of “stock edge drivers” which are considered part of the standard firmware of the hub. They are distributed to all customers. If you delete one, it will just reinstall itself again pretty soon. So there’s no point in deleting those.

However, the platform does give priority to custom edge drivers that match on the same “fingerprints“ as a stock edge Driver, so it shouldn’t matter that the stock edge driver is there. If you also have a custom edge driver for that same device, the custom one will be given priority when a matching device is added to your network. And you should be able to change between them from within the smartthings app.

If the stock edge Driver is the only one available in the app, then one of two things is going on.

A) the device did not correctly complete its pairing to your network so the fingerprint is not available to match on. In that case, smartthings will just match it to one of its default edge drivers, which is typically why something like a smoke detector ends up being reported as a light switch.

See the following community FAQ for more about fingerprints:

FAQ: Manufacturer/Model Shows All Zeroes

B) you haven’t successfully downloaded an alternative edge driver to your hub. Maybe you didn’t know you needed to subscribe in order to get it downloaded. Maybe the download was interrupted for some reason. See the following FAQ for the basics of finding and using custom edge Drivers:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

In any case, you don’t solve the problem you are seeing by deleting a stock edge driver.

You solve it by making sure that the fingerprint is correct and then finding and downloading a custom edge Driver that will match that fingerprint. :thinking:

If there aren’t any yet available, there is a forum thread where you can make a new request, but first I would search the forum for rodret, because I believe this particular device has already been discussed a couple of times.

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