Vision zm1601us no longer working and no fingerprint match

I have 2 Vision zm1601us sirens and they stopped working a while ago. I have several drivers installed, however, they won’t apply because of an error saying “Ensure that the driver you are trying to change to has a valid fingerprint match with this device.” I have removed them several times and readded but they still don’t show manufacture code or model numbers other than zeros. Any help on getting these to work?

You may want to post in the following thread to see if any community developers can assist.

probably a safe bet that @Mariano_Colmenarejo can come to your rescue

If the fingerprint is all zeros, then no edge driver will work with it except “zwave thing,” and that probably won’t work correctly.

all zeros indicates that the pairing failed so that issue needs to be fixed first.

Try doing a factory reset on the siren, moving it physically very close to the hub, then,p an exclusion, and then adding it. It’s OK if it adds as a “Z wave thing“ as long as it has a non-zero fingerprint, then you’ll have something that the community developers can work with. Until then, there isn’t really anything that anyone can do. :disappointed_relieved:

Any update on this? I have the same siren and switched back to ST from 5 years on Hubitat. They did havea working driver for it. Though this was the only device of hundreds that didn’t work in ST

The OP had a fingerprint showing all zeroes meaning the device hadn’t paired properly. Never saw a response with a valid fingerprint Please go to the ST Advanced Web App to find the fingerprint (Mfg Code/Model) for your device and post here so we can help point you in the right direction.


Sure. Thanks for helping.

Manufacturer Code: 014F-2005-0503
Model: 2005-0503

That’s not in the stock driver, but there is another one from the same manufacturer in the Z-Wave Siren Mc driver from @Mariano_Colmenarejo.

Post your fingerprint in this topic and request for it to be added to his driver.

Also, here is a link to information about the product from the Z-Wave Alliance including the product manual.


Thanks much! Definitely had the info on the device. I’ve used it with ST in their V2 hub 5 years ago as well as Staples Connect and Wink. And of course Hubitat. Though since ST took away groovy, I’m not sure what a fingerprint is, especially after a 5 year defection lol. :joy: again, I very much appreciate your willingness to help!

Oh, I guess the finger print is the manufacturer code & model #

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Sounds like the following FAQ might help catch you up on the new architecture:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)


Thanks. I knew about Edge, but only having a few days on the new architecture, I haven’t learned how to manipulate it like I was able to do with groovy. I’ll take a look at the link you provided. :slight_smile:

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I posted to the thread you provided and tagged mariano_colmenarejo on it with the fingerprint and other helpful info. With any luck, this may end up not only helping myself, but many others. I know this was a popular, long-time selling siren/strobe under many manufacturer’s names. I think mine was branded under GoControl, which I have many devices from that manufacturer.

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@h0ckeysk8er Turns out Mariano already had added that same fingerprint a few days ago lol. Lucky timing. It now works. Thank you for the referral and again to @Mariano_Colmenarejo as he has a wealth of Edge drivers to accommodate needed fixes. ( Smarthings really should have updated some of these, given they’re supporting them in their Edge driver compatibility list. Though that’s kind of what I was used to dealing with years ago, but was able to fix myself via groovy. I’ll figure out Edge at some point, but for now I just wanted to get everything on the new Aeotec Hub).