[EDGE] Ring Alarm Keypad (2nd Gen) Edge Driver

When a device gets identified as a “zwave switch” using the stock driver (Or what will become the stock driver, but is currently in the official beta channel), it frequently means that the pairing failed, and the device has all zeros in its “fingerprint.” (The combination of manufacturer code and model number.) when that happens, smartthings doesn’t know what edge driver to use for it, so it falls back to its most basic choice: a on/off switch.

See the community FAQ for more details:

FAQ: Manufacturer/Model Shows All Zeroes

The solution is just to exclude the device and then pair it again until you do get a good pairing.
That can be easier said than done with some devices, particularly those that require higher levels of security, but you should get there eventually.

Also note that if you do delete a stock driver (or some of the beta drivers, if you are enrolled in the beta program), the system will just install it again in an hour or two. They are part of the hub firmware, so, from SmartThings’ point of view, every customer with the appropriate hub should have them installed. The edge drivers that you can delete are custom edge drivers that you individually subscribed to.