SmartThings Outage - Mar 12 2018

Status says says everything up. Alexa says smarthings not responding. App will not load. Tried removing and reinsatlling . Got error. Wes able to restore from backup. Was able to.log in. Very slow. And Alexa works 1 out of 10 times.


same here!!!

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I was down about an hour ago for perhaps 10 minutes, then it came back. Now on shard NA04 I’m getting numerous “sorry there was an unexpected error”.


This platform is trying to make me move on.


Platform Outage

Incident Report for SmartThings

Users may be unable to load the SmartThings app, control devices, or access the web UI. We are currently investigating.
Mar 12, 16:27 EDT

This incident affects: Mobile App Connectivity (North America), Device Control (North America), and SmartApp Web Services (North America).


Makes sense. My Fingbox was giving constant “Smartthings Hub has connected to network” about every 10 minutes. I ended up turning off the network notifications for the ST hub.

Still gotta love how the status monitoring is unable to catch/show any issues until after it is reported here.


Relative noob here. How often does this typically happen?


Yep 5 mins ago, the door lock itself, app logged off on my devices and I did get a quick popup about amazon cloud and now getting unknown user or password and won’t log in.


Same here, logged off, no way to log in again. Different failure messages!


You can see incident history here:

Too much.
This time it made it almost 2 weeks.
This year it has been happening on a weekly basis

Looks like someone might have flipped that Samsung account migration switch a bit early. When I try to log into the ST app it redirects me to sign in using my Samsung account credentials.

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Found that after calling support and being told they’re not taking calls. LOL.

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Historically there’s been a major outage affecting most customers in a region about once a month for each of the last 18 months except one, but then a couple of months had more than one major outage. The major outages do generally appear on the status page.

In addition, every nine or 10 days there’s been a minor issue which will affect only some customers depending on their specific configuration or the devices they are using or sometimes just a random percentage of people get hit. You can see these on the “first bug reports” page in the community – created wiki. Sometimes these have a workaround, sometimes not – – the bug report will usually link back to a thread in the forums where people are discussing options. Some of these “minor” problems only last for a few hours, some have lasted for months. :scream:

All of these are separate from the planned outages when smartthings pushes out a hub update. The planned outages can neither be delayed nor denied, and there’s typically at least one a month. We usually get a few days advance notice on those, but not always.

The following thread may be of interest (this is a clickable link)

So different people have different experiences, but an MFOP (maintenance free operating period) Of about 15 days is probably typical.

The company continues to say that they hope to make reliability and stability improvements, but they’ve been saying that for two years and statistically the number of outages doesn’t seem to have changed much. :disappointed_relieved:


They are experiencing a customer service outage

I doubt it. Probably just inundated with calls, so they closed it down.

Thanks for the thorough response. I hadn’t found the community created wiki. It’s bookmarked now.

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I’m out too. Both IPhone and Android app.

(Seriously) They were probably trying to fix the daylight saving time bug and broke something else. :disappointed_relieved: