Outage 7:00 am eastern Nov. 30

Smartthings is down this morning. I’ve tried two reboots most devices don’t work. Digital assistants definitely don’t work. Some button still work smart things doesn’t respond at all. Anyone else having this issue?

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Looks like my device are starting to work again digital assistant is working again not sure if just needed to wait longer after last reboot. Finger Crossed.

Hey John, I am having the same issues. Started working slowly after a reboot. Hope it clears up.

Yeah I’m still noticing devices are running slow and somethings still aren’t working. Hopefully the issue gets resolved shortly.

Same here. Definitely an outage of some sort. Some devices non-responsive, some work fine. Mixture of local and cloud execution. Hub is slow. Hub updates to the “Events List” are highly erratic, sometimes instant, sometimes takes 20+ min.

Actually started unpredictable behavior last night (Nov 29th EST in the US).

December 1-2020 9:53 EST and my hub still takes on average 45 seconds to respond to a simple z-wave switch on/off. Rebooted Hub 4 times but no difference. Is there a site one can check to see the status of ST outage?

Do you know if the slow response time has anything to do with Hub software update? Thanks for your time

Thank you jkp

System seems to be back to normal, the response times back to almost instant vs the 45 seconds two days ago. During the “outage” 25% of my devices showed as offline, now all back online.

I guess ST just needed some Drano. Pipes running freely again. Stay tuned…