Smart things not connecting


Just tried to go into the app and it was signed out. Trying to sign in fails. Google home isn’t working either. I am on the Samsung classic app. Same thing for my wife as well.

Alexa Error
(jkp) #2


Me too. Can’t log into the app.

It has begun.

(Ken) #4

I am having the same issue. I was able to login briefly, but it was very slow and then I was eventually kicked out. Now I can’t log back in.

I am glad to see that I’m not the only one having this issue. I was beginning to think something was wrong with my hub.

(Kavery3141) #5

At least others are having the issue…I was in a panic. Looks like automatic routines involving things like motion detectors are working from the hub, but none of my 3rd party apps work…i.e. Alexa. Smarthings IDE site is down as well.


I have the same issue app auto signed out. cant log back in nor access via the web gui has anyone opened a trouble ticket yet?

(Peter Richardson) #7

All local devices are running - its the cloud that is down and hence the app cant connect…


Im out too.

(jkp) #9

ST is aware of the issue…


Is it me or there has been a lot of problems this year with ST. Seems like it either goes down or there are device issue at least once a week. I do not remember this many problems last year.

(Bruce Wofford) #11

So sad, watching the meltdown of Smartthings at the hands of an indifferent Samsung. Does anybody truly believe that Samsung is trustworthy? I’ve spoken a couple times to the Smartthings support folks in Tucson and I enjoyed that experience, largely because their willingness to help was genuine.
That culture won’t survive once Samsung has had enough time to “integrate” that Tucson group into the fold.

(Mike) #12

IDE is down too. I even tried adding my Hub to the new Connect App because I thought they’d switched me without telling me. That doesn’t work either. I did originally get an AWS error on my ST Classic App. Glad to know it’s not just me, now I can stop being pissed off.

(Squatting Hen) #13

Guess I will just go to sleep and hope tomorrow is better.


Same here. Just spinning

(Jeff) #15

Just when you get your spouse to get on board and getting used to using ST.:fearful:. Feel like sticking a fork in my eyes …


I finally got a password prompt but still erroring

(Jeff L) #17

When you are traveling - and the wife can’t set the alarm. Uuuuughhh…

(Clell Britt) #18

I just had to turn off the living room one light at a time. Only cavemen still do that.

(Jeff L) #19

True story - my wife was like, honey how will I turn off the lights?? Ummm, use the switches sweetie. LOL, we’re so automated she’s forgotten we even have those!

(Eric) #20

This is why my wife insists on switches… She was even taking about this yesterday, lol.

And I had just finished fixing the lights on my ceiling fan and setting up the Hampton zigbee controller and wanted to show it off to her. Bummer. :frowning: