Smart things not connecting

Just tried to go into the app and it was signed out. Trying to sign in fails. Google home isn’t working either. I am on the Samsung classic app. Same thing for my wife as well.

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Me too. Can’t log into the app.

It has begun.

I am having the same issue. I was able to login briefly, but it was very slow and then I was eventually kicked out. Now I can’t log back in.

I am glad to see that I’m not the only one having this issue. I was beginning to think something was wrong with my hub.

At least others are having the issue…I was in a panic. Looks like automatic routines involving things like motion detectors are working from the hub, but none of my 3rd party apps work…i.e. Alexa. Smarthings IDE site is down as well.

I have the same issue app auto signed out. cant log back in nor access via the web gui has anyone opened a trouble ticket yet?

All local devices are running - its the cloud that is down and hence the app cant connect…

Im out too.

ST is aware of the issue…

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Is it me or there has been a lot of problems this year with ST. Seems like it either goes down or there are device issue at least once a week. I do not remember this many problems last year.


So sad, watching the meltdown of Smartthings at the hands of an indifferent Samsung. Does anybody truly believe that Samsung is trustworthy? I’ve spoken a couple times to the Smartthings support folks in Tucson and I enjoyed that experience, largely because their willingness to help was genuine.
That culture won’t survive once Samsung has had enough time to “integrate” that Tucson group into the fold.

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IDE is down too. I even tried adding my Hub to the new Connect App because I thought they’d switched me without telling me. That doesn’t work either. I did originally get an AWS error on my ST Classic App. Glad to know it’s not just me, now I can stop being pissed off.

Guess I will just go to sleep and hope tomorrow is better.

Same here. Just spinning

Just when you get your spouse to get on board and getting used to using ST.:fearful:. Feel like sticking a fork in my eyes …


I finally got a password prompt but still erroring

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When you are traveling - and the wife can’t set the alarm. Uuuuughhh…


I just had to turn off the living room one light at a time. Only cavemen still do that.


True story - my wife was like, honey how will I turn off the lights?? Ummm, use the switches sweetie. LOL, we’re so automated she’s forgotten we even have those!


This is why my wife insists on switches… She was even taking about this yesterday, lol.

And I had just finished fixing the lights on my ceiling fan and setting up the Hampton zigbee controller and wanted to show it off to her. Bummer. :frowning: