SmartThings Outage - Feb 02 2018

Title says it all…


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For once the UK doesn’t seem affected…

sorry, just had to change your title to make it clearer :slight_smile: plus the were was driving me crazy


App intermittent here in NY, IDE seems to work- Alexa always says smartthings isn’t responding -
BTW its Feb 2 today so title should be 2/2 in all date systems

happy happy joy joy

Not sure it’s true or not but my webCore still ran when I got home 10 min before, I did check smartthings app did not work for me. Is it because the cloud is still working that enables webCore to do all the automations?

No problem.

haha thanks for the catch. I am a day behind

LOL threw me in loop for a sec and I actually checked the calender then thought maybe you are using day/month like the rest of the world. the bad thing is I actually had to think about it, must be getting old

2nd big outage so far this year (within a month?), getting more unstable…

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Samsung, what the hell are you guys doing. This crap has been incredibly unstable in 2018. Please stop adding features; just make things work until I can move off of this platform.

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Look again: it’s at least the fourth outage so far this year, and maybe the fifth depending on how you count them. :disappointed_relieved:


I was being nice only counting the ones I encountered while I was home =/

Totally dead in the water here! :angry:

I’m new to all of this, but is this many issues normal? I can’t do anything with my new system.

I retitled it again. Trying to keep ALL outage topics the same with exception to the date so everything is easier to recall later:



They were more stable last year, but this year has been terrible. Every few weeks there’s an outage.

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Yes, unfortunately it is. Do not rely on SmartThings for anything critical and be sure you can control key devices without ST.


Yup it’s all down. IDE, Android App… it’s all dead.