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SmartThings Outage - Feb 02 2018

(JIm) #1

Title says it all…

Echo/Alexa Skill Issue
Shows resolved nothing still working
(jkp) #2

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(Andy - United Kingdom) #3

For once the UK doesn’t seem affected…

(jkp) #4

sorry, just had to change your title to make it clearer :slight_smile: plus the were was driving me crazy

(Enis Hoca) #5

App intermittent here in NY, IDE seems to work- Alexa always says smartthings isn’t responding -
BTW its Feb 2 today so title should be 2/2 in all date systems


happy happy joy joy

(Paul) #7

Not sure it’s true or not but my webCore still ran when I got home 10 min before, I did check smartthings app did not work for me. Is it because the cloud is still working that enables webCore to do all the automations?

(JIm) #8

No problem.

(jkp) #9

haha thanks for the catch. I am a day behind

(Enis Hoca) #10

LOL threw me in loop for a sec and I actually checked the calender then thought maybe you are using day/month like the rest of the world. the bad thing is I actually had to think about it, must be getting old

(supa) #11

2nd big outage so far this year (within a month?), getting more unstable…

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Samsung, what the hell are you guys doing. This crap has been incredibly unstable in 2018. Please stop adding features; just make things work until I can move off of this platform.

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Look again: it’s at least the fourth outage so far this year, and maybe the fifth depending on how you count them. :disappointed_relieved:

(supa) #14

I was being nice only counting the ones I encountered while I was home =/

(Bryan Fleming) #15

Totally dead in the water here! :angry:

(Dwinter) #16

I’m new to all of this, but is this many issues normal? I can’t do anything with my new system.


I retitled it again. Trying to keep ALL outage topics the same with exception to the date so everything is easier to recall later:


They were more stable last year, but this year has been terrible. Every few weeks there’s an outage.

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(Mark) #19

Yes, unfortunately it is. Do not rely on SmartThings for anything critical and be sure you can control key devices without ST.

(jeubanks) #20

Yup it’s all down. IDE, Android App… it’s all dead.