SmartThings Outage - Mar 12 2018

all back up and running right now.

Not for me… cant sign in to app: sorry, unexpected error. Alexa says smartthings not responding.

Alexa just randomly stopped working for me too, smartthings isn’t responding. It worked one time out of a bunch of tries but now back to not responding again, was fine about 20-30mins ago.

Managed to disable/re-enable ST skill after several tries but now back to Smartthings isn’t responding. Very poor.

The Official status page still says “degraded performance.” It may go up and down a bunch of times while they’re trying to fix it, but until they post the all clear there, I would just assume it’s not fixed.


ActionTiles’s cloud is reporting that is SmartThings responding rather slowly to command requests - sometimes timing out with an error message.

I presume this is similar to what Alexa’s services are encountering.


My mobile app is very slow…are Automation’s still functioning?

So far for me, yes.

OT: My [competitor name here] just arrived today. Time to get it working.


AT is still woking, Alexa nope, and ST app was also nope a few minutes ago.

Thanks for AT



Because this involves timeouts and overload, nothing is going to be predictable. It may work for some people and not others, it may work for a little while and then stop working, it may just be random.

My advice would be to wait until they post an all clear on the official status page. Otherwise you’re just going to drive yourself crazy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Arrived home to SHM setting off my siren and turning on all the lights. iOS app won’t work at all, and Alexa says “Can’t connect to SmartThings.”

Why does the status page say that hub connectivity, device control, SmartApps, etc. are all functional when that’s clearly not the case?

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Unable to login via Mobile app or even web browser. Keep getting below error in browser

{“requestId”:“508ff044-50e6-176e-723f-129307f2042d”,“error”:{“code”:“global-account-find-locations-error”,“message”:“Finding locations by user failed”,“details”:[]}}

None of my automation’s are working, Stringify/Alexa/Google Home all are reporting that something unexpected went wrong.

I hope it comes back up soon.:disappointed:

Alexa tells me “SmartThings is not responding”. Duh! :-1:

Back online now. Phew… :+1:

It goes down every few weeks, and has gotten significantly worse over the past few months. Honestly this is what dying platforms feel like to me; they’re neglected and become more unstable over time, until one day they’re discontinued. I’m trying to find the time to move away from SmartThings before this happens.

Too often.
To my opinion, Smartthings is not reliable enough to pass the stage of being a “Cool Gadget”

well, it was working for a moment… not now… app says somethings wrong, then it wants me to sign in AGAIN…to say somethings wrong AGAIN… like the 5th time today. Alexa says smartthings is not responding. yea, and i got a few of those amazon aws red-banner errors as well… sigh. i really didn’t want to get fingerprints on my light switches, they are so clean…

This is super frustrating…does anyone use a different more reliable option?

I have Hubitat waiting in the wings - looks like next weekend will be a busy time for me. :slight_smile: