Unable to create Routines

During the outage last night my smartthings app had me resign in and now that I can I had to redo my mobile phone presence sensor and now when I try to change my routines to add my phone I get this error

I’m getting the same thing. Don’t know what’s going on with Smartthings, but it’s not pretty. The morning routines fired up this morning, after Smartthings threw up all over the place last night, except the motion sensors are sensing motion but not triggering, and routines and automations cannot be added or edited. Same error screen as above post.

Unfortunately, mine has nothing to do with last night’s outage as mine has been broken for over a week.

I have just noticed the same problem. Can’t create a new routine or edit an old one. This is new. I created a ticket with support, anyone else affected should too or they won’t prioritize fixing it.

Same here - seems I can’t access any smart apps - though some seem to be running .

As of a few minutes ago I can again access my routines.

I’m now seeing my automations in the NEW app, but not in the old “classic” app. The “devices” screen still isn’t working properly in the new app, but my locks, user codes, etc. in my door lock manager app are now working under “automations”…

Now working. Must have been related to the outage of yesterday. Support was informed and they said it was being worked on.

Follow the Outage thread for updates like this. It was raised to the ST Staff:

They fixed it shortly thereafter.

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Thanks - helpful.

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My routines work again here in NJ. Ironic how they started working about 15 minutes before the customer service line was due to be opened.

SmartThings staff members here in the community jumped on it and got it resolved.

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My routines still don’t work. I must have something else going on. Like I said in my OP my problem originated way before the outage.

Forget posting in this thread.

Go over to the Outage thread and send a DM to @gausnes. You may be pointed at an incorrect shard or something. He is working with some unique customer issues right now so you can queue him up and he may have time to take a look directly at your environment instead of having to raise a ticket.

I’m good now. Chatted with support.

What was the issue and resolution with Support?

Could be helpful for someone else in the future who experiences the same issue as yourself.

I migrated to a new hub a few weeks ago and when I deleted my old stuff I must of deleted the default Routines in which hosed up all Routines. She added those back and that got my routines working again.

Had to reset and reinstall everything. Since reinstall, all of my Routines are gone and it gives me an error (Unable to add routines) when I click on add routine. Can someone please help.

Contact ST support at https://support.smartthings.com

I had a similar issue, different error, we finally traced the correction to…
“…This matter was actually escalated to our engineers for further assistance. They determined that the Hello Home module would resolve this matter and completed this action within your account on the backend of our system…”