"SmartThings Classic" vs "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)"

Okay fair enough. Personally, I’m done reading anything more until we’re given the green light. It’s otherwise potentially too confusing given the multiple threads and second guessing going on. I pity anyone coming in fresh to the Community and reading all this right now.


That damage was done when 15 threads on the same topic was thrown up. Nothing we say now is going to add any less or more confusion. People either realize that the Classic app is primary, or they are already confused and running in circles. I am hoping that Jody and team will look at my post in the s9+ SmartThings thread and post an official announcement about the email, in app notification and the why’s, what’s and do nots of the new app right now.

All I know is that trying out the new app completely fried my entire account. The only solution was to completely delete my Samsung account, reset my hub, get my welcome code from support, and start completely from scratch. Smartthings support couldn’t figure out what happened. All I did was login with the connect app and it all crapped the bed from there.

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Earlier today I was not able to enter into my existing routines’ configuration settings in the app (iPhone) and received a “You are not authorized to perform the requested automation” error. After yesterday’s platform outage and fearing I was about to loose everything, I decided to write down all my routines, SmartApps, modes and virtual switches to make life slightly easier if I have to rebuild from scratch.

I had both apps before the non-update/update.

I purchased a Samsung Vacuum in December that only works the the Connect App, and I had the Smartthings App after I got the hub and started installing the devices in January.

So, I already had accounts and had logged in to both. Which seems to be the key.

If you were using both before the non-update/update, everything is fine. If not, don’t install or use the Connect(new Smartthings app)

Currently,I can go into either and I see most of my devices in both. I am going to make sure not to change anything in the Connect app until this is worked out.

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Anytime there is a Platform Outage, you can look under General SmartThings Discussion and follow that days outage topic.

After the outage, I raised this to the SmartThings staff and as of a few minutes ago, creating/editing Routines and Smart Lighting rules has been fixed.

I had a Samsung update on my S8+ to version1.7.02-45 on the new app. I can now see my smart apps in the app now. I am now longer worried as much about my account migration. The location differences are still a question. Forward progress…

Hi all,

Let my add my 2 cents.

I just had a plesent chat with SmartThings (ST) support over the phone. What I learned:

  1. If you accidentally/on-purpose created a Samsung SmartThings account and it is using your existing Legacy ST e-mail for account name, than it will be that much easier for them to migrate your account to the new Samsung ST platform.
  2. If you have the #1 down, than after they migrate your account to the Samsung platform, and you go into the IDE, you will at that point see only one account. Instead of this:
  3. They don’t recommend that you ask them to delete the new Samsung account for those of us who are Legacy SmartThings users for the above reasons.
  4. From chatting up the ST phone support tech, I got the jest that the migration is ramping up; especially if you already have a Samsung account with same e-mail as the Legacy ST.
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Just a quick comment on Android/iOS inconsistencies from a general development perspective - it’s more complicated to develop for Android due to the much more fractured installed base - the range of screen sizes, screen resolutions, Android OS versions, smart phone & ISP vendor Android OS customizations, etc. So it should be no surprise at all, especially during a big transition period, that there will be periods when the iOS/Android apps are out of sync.

I understand being out of sync for some in-app features, like maybe the way sorting works on the screen. Or even whether or not you can access the contact book.

I don’t understand being out of sync for platform features, like whether you can set up smart home monitor or not.


It seems that most of you are hardcore smart home people. The only things I currently have attached to my ST hub is a lamp and a Samsung TV (that Broke integration with ST). Do you think if I switched to the new app I might get control of the TV again? I can always get another Caseta dimmer for the lamp if it doesn’t switch over, but I’d really love to be able to say “Alexa, turn on the TV”.

I work w/development teams on Android and iOS versions of the same apps.

The Android side does lag iOS on implementation of significant platform features…I’ve heard similar from friends in other companies about the difficulty of working iOS vs. Android. I’m constantly surprised by the types of things that can turn a simple feature on iOS to a royal pain in the a** on Android.

An example - in one case on Android we had to write our own separate custom camera app to deal w/the vagaries of inconsistent camera implementations on different Android versions on different Android hardware. On iOS? Add the feature using the existing in-OS camera app and it just works. No hassle.

Of course, I have no idea about the cause of the SHM inconsistency, I’m just saying I’m not surprised things are out of sync, large and small.

Tldr this whole thread. And my two cents…
On my Android Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, the app was auto installed.
One thing that I like and just noticed is that smartthings shows up at the top of my pull down notifications, which gives quick access to certain things/switches and it’s customizable. I like that a lot. None of my sonoff’s are controllable with the new app yet, but I like where they are going.

Hmm interesting. I migrated to the Samsung account a good while ago and it works. but I often end up with a double login. I might speak with support to sort that out. I login to the IDE and classic on my Samsung now but it still thinks I am an ST account initially.

The double login has been going on for a while

The ability to use the samsung connect app has been going on for a while:

What I do not get is why everyone has been told that they know it’s not ready for prime time, yet everyone keeps “trying” to make it work and complaining that it does not.

If you are not being forced into it, and you try it and don’t like it, then that is really on you.

I too have a Samsung Galaxy phone. It too updated. However, I am not trying to do anything in Samsung connect because they said it is not ready. IF I were to try it out for my own amusement or edification, I would not think anything of the lack of capability as they told us it was not ready. I also would not come on here complaining that something they told us not to use would not work unless it was to say, I screwed up by not listening , can someone help bail me out? Pretty please :slight_smile:

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Show us the email you received to download it.

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I believe Samsung Connect Home WiFi system registered owners received an email very similar to the following webpage:

They are definitely being told to use the new app.


Ugh. That’s unfortunate.

Still would like to see what the contents of the email they are sending out to those owners consists of.


Anyone else getting notifications from Samsung connect app saying that rooms have been deleted? I have not opened the app for over a week…

Heh probably related to the ST status email I got during the screen shot…