[RELEASE] ActionTiles, the homepage for your SmartThings home!

We have been working very hard to re-engineer (and extensively Beta test!) your favorite smart home dashboard for the ultimate user experience, performance, security and growth. It is finally happening; you have been very patient, thank-you! :pray: :grimacing:

We are happy to announce that this next generation web-app is now called ActionTiles™ and will be officially released on March 1st, 2017; ready to run on your desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

ActionTiles has been totally reinvented, but honors the simplicity and power of its SmartTiles roots that you know and love. ActionTiles is packed with new features such as durable login sessions, real-time Tile updates, secure Panel Sharing, in-browser configuration UI, and more. We hope you’re going to be very pleased with the results. Your feedback will contribute to the many features still in the pipeline.

Please make sure to visit https://www.ActionTiles.com for pricing and to subscribe to our Email List to receive Priority Invitation Codes as they become available.


As kind of a newbie I’m very interested in seeing their new product. Smarttiles is what I use predominantly to interface my “Smartthings” with my wife. Without it I would probably be stuck with only the plug that I used to turn my Christmas tree on and off with. :wink:


Finally. Count me in!

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Anyone else having issues opening the “SEE FEATURES” link below the pricing?

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Yes, it’s not working.

Me too, my work firewall blocks actiontiles.com for some reason though :frowning:

Will Action Tiles be billed per-user/hub, or is it paying for access to the code and updates that can be installed on multiple hubs with an unlimited number of users?

I’m happy to support developers that work hard to create useful software at a reasonable level of financial support, but don’t want to get stuck in a licensing nightmare.

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The pricing says " per ST location"

One-Time Fee includes:

Non-transferable license for one SmartThings Location.
Unlimited Things, Tiles & Panels.
Unlimited ActionTiles Accounts & Panel Sharing.
Customer Support by email & forum.

Looking forward to this! I’ve held off trying to set SmartTiles up for the wife and kids knowing the new version was coming someday… I guess CCR was wrong, someday does come!

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Sorry folks… That button wasn’t supposed to be there. At 3am, apparently a stray mouse :mouse: click inserted it! :flushed:

The website and our Knowledge Base will be populated with various bits of feature information (and hopefully a “Getting Started” video) over the next couple of weeks.


A little bit pricey but at least there’s a 14 day trial period. How will this work, will it have to be used in a browser like Chrome? Will I still need to use Fully Kiosk Browser for the wake on motion? Because at the moment with Fully Kiosk and Smart Tiles I’m getting REALLY bad page flickers each time it refreshes the page, like 3-4 major flickers.

I think we have a candidate for a first FAQ!

  • ActionTiles works in many types of browsers, but old ones might not work (eg, Chromium engine on Android prior to Android OS 4.3). We do “recommend” Chrome, though.

  • We full refresh much, much less often, so perhaps that will help your Fully issue, but nobody’s reported this problem to us.

Since this is non-transferable for SmartThings Locations, does that mean if we nuke our Location, we need to purchase another License for the “new”/replacement Location?

To use ActionTiles, you create an ActionTiles account. One AT account can use multiple ST locations. Multiple ST locations can be used by many AT accounts. It’s a many-to-many-to-many relationship. (Technically you could have several ST users per ST location and hubless locations too.)

To answer simply, one license is required to connect one ST location to ActionTiles.

We’ll try to offer a reasonable number of license updates for situations like that.


Awesome! Thank you. Definitely understand you can’t do a lot of them.

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What if ST releases ST HUB v.3 and like its v.2 predecessor, we have to swap and not upgrade? What then?

We’re taking note of all price & licensing related questions and will post a FAQ in a few days.

Great News! Finally a new and improved APP for ST!

For the amount of use I get out of SmartTiles now, your pricing for ActionTiles is reasonable. You can count me in! I just hope that there is a way to better secure the “Arm/Disarm Alarm Tile” because I really don’t want to learn Tasker or any other additional Android app to have a secure wall mounted control panel.

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One of our top Feature Requests, but not yet implemented. We have to decide if we offer PIN protection for multiple Tile types (e.g., Locks?) or just SHM, … etc.