SmartTiles Dashboard 5.4.2 - July 13 (

I’s hard to believe how quickly time flies… ActiON Dashboard was in the making for over 6 months. It started as a curiosity, just a toy. It grew with demand, and evolved with the SmartThings community. Driven by the overwhelming support of the community, I envisioned a product that would augment the SmartThings platform with an elegant and accessible user interface. The software that is released today is a product of the entire community, hundreds of users who gave it a chance, provided feedback and tested it in every way imaginable.

Thank you, SmartThings community!

Today, I launch to give ActiON Dashboard a home! This site will house supporting information and knowledge base. Most importantly, ActiON Dashboard can now be installed via a web service, so you never need to deal with any code again! Instances of ActiON Dashboard that are installed this way will be automatically updated with latest code. As usual, the source is available at GitHub.

Alex Malikov

There are two sub threads that remain relevant. I encourage you to take the discussion to these threads if applicable:


Going forward, project updates and news will be posted on I will not replicate the information on the forum to keep it more centralized. SmartThings community threads tend to grow over time and it gets more difficult to find information.

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Awesome. Thank you so much for your work on this.

Hi @625alex, great work! When I try to look for the web app in the Labs section after I authorize it, I don’t see the app to add. Any ideas? I do still have the 4.6.3 installed via the IDE.

Amazing work @625alex Thank you for all the hardwork. I am building a house in the coming months and this will be displayed prominently throughout! Appreciate it. Hope to continue to see it grow.


You are not adding the app, its already there. Don’t goto the + and Labs to add it, just look on your Dashboard for a section called SmartThings Labs and it should be in there. I know this because I did the same thing :wink:

Great work @625alex, love the thermostat controls!

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Sorry if I am being dense here but where do I insert the custom css? I don’t see this app under “My SmartApps”, should it be there or am I just missing something?


I don’t think you can if you go web app. I thought the same thing. So as much as I like the auto-updates…I still like to tinker! :smile:

Got it! I didn’t even look there!!!

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ActiON Dashboard SmartApp now lives in “SmartThings Labs” category.

At the moment, there is no way to add custom CSS if dashboard is installed via the web service. I will add this feature in the coming days.

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@625alex How will the app get updated for future releases? I saw you mentioned no more code management.

This is new to all of us, but we will sort it out.

The plan is to to release new code into the “Self Service” stream and if there are no issues reported, then release it to the “Web Service” stream one week later. I will be making announcements on the blog and twitter.

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That works nicely. One of my biggest gripes with ST is the constant code updating required for the smart apps. This would be a great idea for all Smart Apps.

Amazing work @625alex. The new Thermostat tile is so much better than any device type I’ve seen for thermostats. Any reason not to go into the ST app is fine by me!


Sounds good @625alex. The only reason I brought up the CSS is because I read the Tips and Tricks section of Information on the website and it mentions it there. Whenever you add it is great.

Great job so far!

I’m in for $50. adds more value to my SmartThings setup than just about any single $49 thing I have. Lets get Alex and his family a vacation at the least.

$5000 for 5.0? (frankly he deserves more, but the st forum community isn’t exactly a massive pile of people)


Thank you. New to ST and have been scared to load ActiON Dashboard by copying code, this is awesome!

Way cool!

Awesome update, here’s what mine looks like right now.

So far this update has added a lot of features I’ve wanted/needed. So far an area of improvement for me would be tile ordering/arrangement. Because of the different sizes using the the order feature isn’t as intuitive as simply dragging the tile around to where you want and having the other tiles re-org themselves around it. I’m not sure if this suggestion has come up though, and if it was rejected. I only bring this up because on the update it change the order of my previous setup and I had to go in and out of the tile order step several times to get the tiles where I wanted them on my main tablet.

Awesome work.


That is beautiful!
I’m struggling to get my
weather tile and Nest working.
Any hints?

First, try this for the weather:

If you integrated Nest with ST, you should not have trouble adding it to the dashboard. If you have trouble with Nest itself, try to seek help on the respective thread, you will get more relevant information.