[BROKEN] NST Manager v5.0 (Does Not Work Anymore)

As a number of others are mentioning, I’m getting continued update available notifications. I’ve gotten them for 3 straight days now, but there is nothing available when I attempt to update in the IDE. Any help would be appreciated.

@tonesto7 posted a couple of days ago that he found an issue and thought he rectified it, but obviously you are still getting these notifications.

I realize that this is a nuisance for some of you, but as long as NST Manager is functioning appropriately, you will have to deal with these little annoying messages for the short term until Anthony can re address this. Remember, it is the holidays right now and people are on vacation.

For those of you who can’t wait and the OCD is taking over, you can update to the beta version v5.30 as I posted how to do a few days ago. :grinning:


Ok.Thanks you. Its pants we can’t use the password. I was going to look at Blue Iris but its the same with the password requirement. The next issue. Is there anyway when I open the app that the camera video is playing without me having to press play?

This is one of my primary reasons for using ActionTiles so that all my camera feeds are live and visible without having the need to go into the ST App, selecting the device and then pressing Play.

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How do I get on board with ActionTiles? Is this a separate app to ST? I love the ST integration.

Technically, it’s a SmartApp in the way that it integrates with ST and your SmartThings devices, but it is a browser based application that allows you to monitor/access your ST devices on all sorts of devices (Phone, Wall mounted Tablets, wtc.) that wake up when you walk by and display an ActionTiles panel with access to all of your SmartThings devices. Ability to enter a security code on any of the tiles to restrict who can turn on/off a device.

Two places you can go. Here in the community:

Or the official ActionTiles Community / Support Forum here:


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I need some help. For the life of me I can’t get through the process to install nst manager. I’m new to smartthings and this is my first time using git hub or this smart app process. I’ve tried following directions but I can’t get far. On github on the right there’s that button clone or download. I believe I’m supposed to copy th code in that box correct? When I try pasting in in the “from code” section in the smart apps page I get and error. Are there any good video that show this process? Or can anyone give me a comprehensive walk through. My knowledge on programming is 0. I’m struggling. Thanks!

These are very detailed instructions. Have you tried following them yet?


Not sure I saw that set of instructions yet. Let me try those. Thanks! I’ll be back if I fail miserably. I appreciate it.

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When copying the code from GitHub, you need to be viewing the Raw code which you can select when viewing GitHub in Desktop mode. That more than likely caused your issue in IDE.

But as @ogiewon pointed out, use the official NST Manager installation instructions. It will take you some time to get through, but if you read it all the way through (skimming not allowed - I will know) you will have no grief later when everything is working as you intended it to. :grinning:

One thing I recommend so that people understand creating a SmartApp and the Device Handlers their first time, that they manually copy and paste the code from GitHub into their IDE. That will give you a better understanding of what occurs in IDE step by step. Then when you are comfortable with that process and you want to have the ability to update code automatically, then you can implement the GitHub functionality in your IDE and begin creating Repositories and pointing your SmartApps and Device Handlers to these Repositories which will allow you to perform a one touch (kind of) Update from Repo instead of copying and pasting in the future. <-------- this will make more sense as you begin reading the documentation.


I followed those instructions and I’m almost there! When I go to my smart apps on phone app and try to install it I get an error message. Says Missing client ID and secret?

Thanks tried to create my nest developer account but to register it says I have to put in my company information. Not sure what to write here. What have you guys filled in on this field?

Anything you want, your FB or IG page works.

My NST Manager stopped working today. It’s not getting updates from the thermostat. The only notable event in the logs says…|| Nest Manager | workQueue: busy processing command. I’m kind of new to this…any help debugging would be appreciated.

  1. When did (how long ago) you install?
  2. What version is NST Manager?
  3. Look at live logging in IDE for NST Manager / and individual devices to see if you can see more information
  4. This is using the clientID and clientSecret from your Nest Developer account? Or did you install this far enough back in time that you are using the self generated token from NST Manager?
  5. Check the Nest Mobile app. Do you have any new messages over there (top of the app)?

1.) I installed on the 28th.
2.) I’m not sure how to check - but I did the publish from repo as instructed on the wiki.
3.) There is a lot of live logging - nothing notable though. That one message was flagged as WARN. I don’t know when it started happening though.
4.) My Nest Developer account.
5.) None were there.

I tried rebooting the hub. No avail.

To see the version that your mobile app is using, go into ST Mobile App / Automations / SmartApps / and select NST Manager. Screenshot that first page that contains the version number. I want to see what it shows for Location / Home Away Status on that page as well.

5.2.3. Updated: 11-20-2017

As far as ST goes - it isn’t having any issues. The automation is “working” from it’s perspective. But the messages don’t get to Nest Thermostat and the checked-in and last received fields were long ago. If an automation in ST sets the fan status - it shows in the app…but doesn’t actually affect the thermostat.