Reuse ADT Pulse Netgear HSS101 Touchscreens with SmartThings?

Hi There SmartThings Community. I am new to SmartThings and new to forums so let me apologize in advance for any unintentional missteps or if I am posting in the wrong thread. I am trying to conquest as many of ADT Pulse’s “proprietary” devices as possible. I have already conquested their “proprietary” cameras over to my NVR. What I am interested in doing now is to conquest their “proprietary” touchscreens. The devices are ADT Pulse labeled Netgear HSS101 touchscreens. Has anyone figured out how to conquest them over to SmartThings or does anyone have any ideas on where to begin? Thanks in advance! Stu

Since it’s running proprietary software, there really wouldn’t be much of a point. There are much cheaper android tablets out there that make much better ST controllers. Take a look at Action Tiles.

Hi Ryan. Thanks for the reply. I was actually wanting to run either the stock Netgear ROM or something along the lines of ActionTiles. The problem is, I don’t know how to do a factory reset to do either. And since I spent quite a bit of money buying those screens from ADT I’d really like to hang on to them. After all, I was told over and over again that their OC810 cameras were proprietary and now I have them connected to my NVR…

I don’t think anyone here would know since that’s not a SmartThings device. And it’s a lot more expensive than an Android tablet that someone could use for ActionTiles, so I don’t see why anyone would bother figuring out how to do what you’re asking. Do you see what I mean?

Oh, I get it. Believe me. But every time that I conquest one of their “proprietary” devices (like their relabeled cameras or their relabeled garage door controllers or soon their alarm panel itself), it’s like a giant single finger salute to them for all of the wonderful customer support they have provided me. Sarcasm intended.

Stuman Could you provide instructions on how to view ADT cameras (oc835-adt) also known as the Sercomm RC8325. I too spent alot of money purchasing 4 wireless IP cameras and touchscreen. I am definetaly intrested in how I can move the cameras to a nvr

I figured out how to move the cameras. I don’t have any idea on how
to conquest the touchscreen. Plug your cameras into your router
using ethernet and do a factory reset. Look for new devices in the
arp table match up the MAC addresses to the cameras and then you
have the IP addresses of the cameras on your LAN. With the IP
addresses you can navigate to the cameras using a web browser and
change their settings.

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That would be a proprietary build of ADT on Android. I would recommend learning about that to repurpose and rebuild the code. Then you could share with us. The only reason I say that is because Cox Home Security uses Technicolor Touchscreens running android custom rom.

Has anyone figured out how to move and reuse this cameras?