Your Dashboard Ideas are Needed!

Thing labels were not visible except using the shake gesture. We were hoping for a simple toggle switch, but SmartThings v2 changed to List Views instead of tiles…

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I think they found a 101st bad way to solve the issue. They decided to amputate the leg because of a sore toe.


I like the mention of pinning to dashboard.

That’s how other solutions I’ve tried handled things.

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So, should we expect anything from this?

Unsurprisingly there has been no movement on this. No re-implementation of the original dashboard, no movement based on any of our feedback, and no release of the HTML API for SmartApps.

Perhaps the platform should be renamed StaleThings instead. StaleThings®, Vaporware Reinvented

How about this? BRING BACK THE $&;?!@! Tiled things page!!!

We’ve only been asking for that since you released the steaming pile version of the app for V2. Posts like this are all theater. If you’re going to ignore us why bother with useless threads like this?

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When do you think you have a DASHBOARD ready for us???

And for suggestions, I’m need administrator mode and user mode. Because if the panel is installed on the wall anyone could change the settings. . And look very good and easy.


ActionTiles has been released now and is getting a good reception. It lets you share distinct “limited access” dashboard control Panels to specific logins. Take a look and sign-up to try.

Beyond shameless…


Shrug. ST took away the built-in dashboard like a year and a half ago now, and there’s still no replacement. Even the existence of this thread reveals that a year after they took it away, they hadn’t made any meaningful progress because they were obviously still at the beginning of the planning stage for the new dashboard. ST has completely dropped the ball, and personally I’m looking forward to giving actiontiles a try (I’ve never used smarttiles in the past).


Believe it or not, I still have the old “Dashboard Solution SmartApps” running … because I never migrated my Location to a new Hub! They haven’t been particularly accurate these days, but I can’t bring myself to press the “Remove” key.

(One of the reasons ActionTiles renamed our “dashboards” to “Panels” is to avoid confusion with the SmartTiles App home page called “Dashboard”.)

I am optimistic that SmartThings will be filling this with useful impressive “Dashboard Solution SmartApps” over time.

You’re right, I was a little inaccurate with my statement. I still have the dashboard too since I’ve also never upgraded to a v2hub. But I’ve found it have varying accuracy in terms of device states that it’s mostly useless to me.

@SmartThings_CX_Team how’s that new and improved dashboard coming?

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Great work on action tiles!

Is “works with SmartThings” and official designation now?

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Yes… "Works With SmartThings"

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The issue is that ST requested user input on how to improve the dashboard in Oct. 17, 2016 and has yet to implement any of the numerous ideas that were presented.

Why ask for ideas if there is no follow through? Is it just appease the users with the impression that they actually have any say in the actual outcome?

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The answers the received didn’t line up with what they wanted to do, so they ignored us as usual,


Hi looks good,
do you have the dashboard code?
or what are you using now?
I’m looking for a nice and easy dashboard.


The #1 “nice and easy dashboard” is ActionTiles… give it a try; always at least 14 days free.

Is anyone using a RPI connected to an external display as a dashboard?

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Not sure if you’re still seeking for a 3rd party display. We had this branch new type of app which based on your own house’s floor plan, not tiles or buttons. Let me put it here people who are seeking for alternative solution to view and control their smart stuffs: ThingsTwin Home App

Oh, we had some posts on this community as well, if you need some more information: ThingsTwin on Floor Plan: Brand New Way to Play with Your Home - View and Control from 3D Floor Plan