[RELEASE] ActionTiles, the homepage for your SmartThings home!

Will there be special pricing for small companies/individuals that used SmartTiles to create custom SmartThings installations as part of a Smart Home Consulting business?

For example, in the past I’ve done a small amount of Smart Home consulting and created a master control panel for homeowners using SmartTiles. Because of the way that SmartThings locations are shared, I had to create a unique ST account for each hub/location(home). Then that hub/home/client specific account shared access with a “Master” ST account. In this way the single Master ST account had access to multiple hubs and locations, but is technically “hubless” since it is not the master account for any of the hubs. Is a scenario like this factored into your pricing/licensing strategy?

I realize this is a bit of a fringe case for many, but I’ve seen multiple individuals offering consulting services that feature images of SmartTiles as a custom ST interface for their clients.


I really hope you guys choose PIN protection for multiple Titles… some of us still prefer SmartAlarm over SHM. Maybe others would want to also lock down other things like the Thermostat or Automatic Main-water shutoff valve, etc… Since this is a top-requested feature I have my fingers crossed you won’t wait too long!



I like the pricing, it is around the cost of a new reasonably priced thing device! Kudos!

Looking forward to the future of this project

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Please contact Terry@ActionTiles.com for non-“end-consumer” price discussions.

(For the record, the use of SmartTiles for commercial purposes is prohibited by its license. We do not waive the right to enforce this term.)


All the work that went into this, the price is very reasonable.

Good Stuff. I’m in.


I was concerned about price, or if it was going to be subscription, I think you hit the nail right on the head. Looking forward to Action Tiles! Thanks for all the hard work.


So you wouldn’t encourage a company who sells/installs home automation to actively push your product? I think you might be missing the boat here.

With that said. Not a bad offering on the price. I look forward to checking it out!

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The ship hasn’t sailed yet :rowboat: :slight_smile: … The license quoted was for SmartTiles, not ActionTiles.

That said… ActionTiles Terms of Service (just like SmartThings Terms of Use), also prohibits commercial use; but arrangements can be made.

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We do encourage such companies to make arrangements.


I like this pricing. Considering how much I use SmartTiles and I know I’m not a heavy user. This sits well with me vs any monthly fee. Can’t wait to try it out, great work guys!


Are you set on a non-introductory price yet? And any idea’s what this may apply to: “Some future premium features may carry additional fees.”

Nope… We’ll know more as we analyze usage, feedback, and figure out what types of added optional features folks feel have real added value.

No use getting ahead of ourselves, since we’ll learn an awful lot during the introductory period.


very happy to see this. When do you think a full list of features will go up? I want the option to PIN protect any tiles i want-- based on condition or permanently needed.

Real time updates of status and ability to custom the page is really what I’m looking for

pricing is reasonable…

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I just tried out Smarttiles and added all my"THINGS" and I don’t like how it just lays them ALL out one after another. I see there is a way to change the order, but when you have a whole page full it’s just horrible to locate what control you’re looking for. Is there any way to drag and drop the “Things” into different quadrants or something and separate the rooms a bit?

Thanks, Todd

And maybe a MASTER switch, for each quadrant,
to turn just one group of rooms OFF and ON?

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I’m in. Can’t wait to see it.

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The license fee overall seemed reasonable to me… at first, until I realized that would cover only 1 location. This is a significant factor, for me anyway. I have 2 hubs - home and cabin. Obviously I would want to interact with my SmartThings the same way for each location so it’s two licenses or none.

Not meaning to complain just providing some feedback that for me it would be hard to justify the price of two licenses . Especially since I primarily use my SmartThings for monitoring and security.

I’m happy that it’s a one-time fee.

Thanks guys.

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I’ll answer with ActionTiles features:

  1. A new ActionTiles feature is “Tilesets” which I think are nearly equivalent to the “quadrants” you mention. It keeps groups of Tiles together for easier management.

  2. ActionTiles supports the creation of unlimited number of Panels instead of just 5, and you can link between them with Panel Shortcut Tiles. A good way to separate rooms if you don’t want clutter up one page.

  3. Currently there is no command / function grouping (ie, for master Switches or Alarm Zones etc) in ActionTiles; but this is on our feature request list. It is a potential for us to leverage the Tileset feature.

  4. We still recommend folks make use of the SmartThings platform for “automation”, which includes having multiple lights triggered by a Virtual/Simulated Switch (a feature of Smart Lighting or CoRE) and then you can add the Virtual Switch as a Tile.


A significant new feature of ActionTiles is that Things from multiple Locations can be added to the same Panel(s) — mix and match — even if they are Locations in separate SmartThings Accounts!

This is currently something that is essentially “impossible” in SmartThings own App, and in Alexa, and other SmartApps.

We hope that Customers with multiple Hubs/Locations find this tremendously valuable.

And, well… such Customers have made an investment in multiple Hubs ($80+ each) and usually that means extra Thing hardware too. That’s a bit of the logic behind our thinking: ActionTiles’s value to the Customer is somewhat proportionate (or maybe extra-proportionate) to the complexity of a Customer’s environment and the budget they are allocating to their smart home(s).

We’ll always be looking for ways to make ActionTiles an affordable, great, but business sustainable, value.

Per Location pricing is the Introductory license model. There may be different options in the future. Needed to start with something that’s simple and a good deal for the majority of households in our market.