Is it possible to create a intranet page to use SmartThings, with PHP or

Im a mac user and I want to use a couple of iPad throughout the house to controle section of the house surrounding that iPad.

Now Im a UX Director and the solutions I can find are not ideal, say the least. So I want to create my own flow, look and feel for a intranet page that can controle all the SmartThing connected appliances.

Is this possible and where do I start :wink:

Any help will be appreciated.


What have you found so far… so we don’t duplicate suggestions :slight_smile:

Action Tiles

Open Dash

There are more. Just search for “Dashboard”


There’s also a quick browse list for Dashboards in the project reports section of the community – created wiki. You can see what other people have done, and it should be a more targeted search than just using the forum search. :sunglasses:

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Use Actiontiles…, I even have an in wall mount for an iPad

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