17.529% Off ActionTiles: Memorial Day Weekend COUPON

###Happy holiday weekend! :fireworks:

Coupon Code “MDSC-17529p” Memorial Day Weekend discount for ActionTiles 17.529% off.
Limits apply. Expires end of day May 29.

And just as exciting… Version 6.5.0 of ActionTiles is out! Find Release Notes link under “About” inside the app, or http://support.actiontiles.com/topics/1713-release-v650

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Very strange seems stripe is down or so cannot pay
Tried on my phone and Amazon fire tablet same problem

Payments are coming through… Are you getting a declined error?

Please reference: http://support.actiontiles.com/topics/1361-payment-or-card-declined-at-checkout-from-actiontiles-shop/

I cannot even load stripe.com and asked me to try on another browser

Where are you located? Are you possibly behind a firewall or anti-virus?

Try disabling WiFi on your phone and using cell network. We occasionally get declined errors (per the link I posted), but Stripe is used for millions of transactions around the world (but not every country…).

I am located in Asia I am trying now to use a Windows 10 machine and I can see the checkout page kept waiting for checkout.stripe.com while on my phone I got “Sorry, there was a problem loading Checkout.
If this persists, please try a different browser.” using my cellular network
I can login stripe.com without any problem looks like it has something to do with the redirection from your eshop checkout

Thanks for the info.

Payments are currently blocked from some countries due to high rates of Fraud.

Please email Support@ActionTiles.com and we may be able to make arrangements.

Finally it works after I use Microsoft Edge, both chrome on android and Windows 10 failed

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