FAQ: Best/Most Stable door lock?

Obviously looking for something that pairs well with ST and is solid in terms of use and reliability. Suggestions welcome.


Both Schlage and the Yale zwave models on the official “works with smartthings” list are good quality locks.

Just read the notes under the little I on the far right side of the list very carefully. The locks on the list generally have basic integration which allows you to lock or unlock them under various conditions. But you probably won’t have remote access to advanced manufacturer features like being able to change the schedule for a particular user code. Instead you have to walk over to the lock and physically change that there.

There are community members who have created device handlers and smart apps they give you access to more features, but you need to research each individual model in the forums to see if you’re getting what you want.

There are a few differences. The Yale models cost somewhat more then the Schlage. The Yale have a true capacitive touch screen, like an iPad, while the Schlage use the older touch technology where you at have to actually physically press against the screen. The Yale are also slightly quieter. But then the schlage offer additional color choices. Most of the Schlagel models have a fixed four digit code length, while the Yale allow you to set individual codes from 4 to 8 digits.

They’re both good locks, so it’s just a personal choice.

If you search the forums you can find more discussion about individual brands.

Have had two kwikset 914 z-wave versions for a few months now and I am very happy. They are quiet, reliable, and smaller form than other locks but most of all they are officially supported by ST.

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I second the 914s. I have three of them. They allow 4-8 digit codes, plus adding ‘extra’ use codes…as I’m sure the others do. They are true push buttons, not capacitive screens. They do make some noise as they actuate, but I don’t find it obtrusive. Actually, I kind of like it as I know, even from the next room, that they’re locking. My wife like thems because they match our brushed nickel hardware.

As has been mentioned, they need to be added to the hub with the app, as the secure code transfer takes place that way. I fought with a minimote for a while before I read up on it. If you follow the instructions EXACTLY as they’re written, it works (at least for me) perfectly each time.

Just my 2 cents.

Most locksmiths classify the Kwiksets as a grade or two lower than the Schlage. That may not matter for a typical suburban house, but it will matter to some people.

The following is a typical teardown review if Schlage vs Kwikset:

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I’ve seen and heard this before and I’m quite sure there’s validity to it! I can also tell you this: if someone wants in your house badly enough to work through the lock, it’s not a random break in, and they’re going to get in one way or the other. Probably just going to break in the door, or a side door, or a big clear, easy pane of glass. If this is the only line of defense you have for your home (ie - no alarm, no placards, no dogs, cameras, etc) than you probably don’t want to go with this lock because, yes, there are ways to force it that are somewhat easier than other locks…providing you have the knowledge and planning to do so. But a single line of defense is, in my humble opinion, a recipe for nearly guaranteed failure.

As stated by another, my favorite part about these locks is they’re completely compatible with ST. I have (knock wood) a very stable system overall because I use pretty much nothing but list-approved ST compatible devices. And this was one significant reason I went with the 914. What good is adding locks to your automation if they won’t automate reliably?

I have no numbers to put to this, so I’m speaking pretty much out the side of my head, but I’d be willing to bet the vast amount of opportunistic home burglaries never see the lock touched. Why attack the strong point when there’s an easier, and faster way?

Clearly, to each their own (especially with something as personal as home security) but it’s something to think about!


Agree, absolutely: most suburban burglars don’t bother dealing with the door lock at all. They go through an unlocked door or a poppable door or a window. So like you say, just comes down to what gives you peace of mind.

There are Yale, Schlage, and Kwikset models on the official “works with smartthings” list, so you do have a choice of brands even if you stick with just that set. :sunglasses:

250 pounds of teeth give me the best peace of mind. With built in noise detection. Just have to watch out for steaks…


Thanks for the quick responses. Now for the selection. I assume they were fairly easy to install?

10 minutes on Kwikset set. Some tricky parts though so if you decide to go with 914 PM me and I’ll give you some pointers.

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At least the Camelot touchscreen model may have either 4 or 8 digits code but not a combination of 4’s and 8’s. So, either all fours or all eights.

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I just bought the Camelot, and it paired nicely to ST. However, I noticed my Wink hub allows for the advanced features whereas ST is just lock/unlock.

Have you tried one of the custom device types for yours?

Nope. It’s just integrated to ST and I use it open or close at times and check the status. But have never automated it per se. Eric has nice custom app I think. Lock code manager.

Thanks. I don’t want to automate mine either, but I would like to manage codes without touching the lock. It seems an easier process.

Integrate it with Alexa… :wink: Then we can all open your door and have a party!

Didn’t someone say that Kwikset charges for ‘guest’ codes? Schlage does not…

I installed a total of 3 kwikset 910’s. One in my house, the other 2 in a vacation home. All 3 work fantastic. I love them for their functionality. One thing I do regret though is the fact that the vacation home has all schlage locks/handles which means different type of key design/sizes. So we actually have to use 2 different types of keys for the vacay home now. Big Oops on my part. :frowning:

Not sure if this consideration applies to you, but if so, hopefully you’ll avoid my mistake and take into account what type of lock brand(s) you already have around the house.

On that note: does anyone have a work around for my mistake? IE a key that fits both brands?

For the device itself:

If desired, an app for lock codes:


I caught some chatter about custom device types and Hub 2. Would I still be able to use this if I upgraded?

Yes. However, the device type code will run “in the cloud” (as it does with v1) at this time.

(This may or may not be the same as the default ST provided “z-wave lock” device type. I just have no way to know that.)

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