Deadbolt Lock recommendations?

I am just starting out and buying my first deadbolts. Which work better with Smartthings?

I haven’t got myself a deadbolt yet but I would start from here with the official compatibility list. From there, I would choose a style you like.

I’m very happy with my Schlage deadbolts. They have built-in accelerometers with a siren that can sound if someone kicks or tampers with your door.

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I also need to know who is unlocking so that I can set moods and music scenes in the house. Also I want to know if they are the last one out of the house so I can arm the house. Not sure how to skin that cat if they don’t use a code to lock a door on their way out. Proximity seems to be my way to do that I suppose

There are some differences in features, so different models will work for different people. The following should be of interest (this is a clickable link):

I was a backer of lockitron and had to cancel my order because they are not producing the color choice I choose for another couple months, with there track records I’m assuming years. So I’m looking now at the schlage connect, what’s everyone’s experience with it.

I bought a Schlage Century model for my frontdoor off a good Amazon deal around Black Friday and then I bought a Kwikset 910 lock for my backdoor for even less when Amazon ran a special on those.

Honestly, both of them perform about the same. The Kwikset had the advantage of the Smartkey system, so it uses the same key as all of my other locks, but I’ve read that it’s more vulnerable to being picked.

Both the Schlage and Kwikset work basically the same and paired with ST right away. I haven’t messed around too much with custom apps, but both lock and unlock quickly and feel super secure. I’d honestly recommend either one of them as solid purchases.

Kwikset locks have known vulnerabilities; search on YouTube. Also, a friend who is a locksmith says that Kwikset locks can be picked in about 30 seconds.

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Well, considering the rest of my house isn’t made of pure steel, I figured putting a kwikset lock in a glass door wasn’t any more risk than the most of the door itself being made of well… glass.

Ultimately, no lock or house is impervious to entry. Which is why I also have other connected security methods.

In terms of how the Kwikset and the Schlage work with SmartThings, I’ve seen zero discernable difference.

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I went with Schlage. I have two of them installed and need a little help.

How do I set up my system so that when user 1 or user 2 come in they can run different routines? I see that they are unlocking, and the system sees a user 2 unlocking the door.

Now I want to run a Routine like Scott’s home or Jeff’s home