Best inexpensive door lock?

Nothing fancy, but reliable. What say you?

Best and inexpensive tend to not go together :slight_smile:

Having done a lot of research myself I decided on Schlage FE599NX the Kwickset is very easy to break into as are the Yale and the price difference are not that great. I paid $215 on amazon but maybe you can get a coupon for Home Depot or something with a little effort.

You are talking about zwave locks right. Because you said “nothing fancy” and zwave is already pretty fancy :slight_smile:

:Edit: changed york to yale, mistake on my part

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Agreed: inexpensive is not usually at the top of my priority list for a door lock. :wink: But everybody has their own priorities.

There are really only three locks that work well with smartthings. They are all Z wave. Although there are some zigbee locks that also are supposed to work, there have just been a lot of issues with that integration.

The 3 zwave locks, all on the official compatibility list, are Kwikset, Schlage, and Yale.

Schlage and Yale are both good residential locks. There are some differences between them. Yale is a little quieter and uses a true capacitive keypad (like a smart phone) while Schlage uses the older style of touchscreen where you have to actually press fairly hard. Schlage offers more colors than Yale does.

Kwikset is about $50 cheaper and most locksmiths will tell you it’s much easier to break into. But it still may meet the purpose for some households. So it’s just something to be aware of.

The following should be of interest:

I am looking for something cheap. I have a motorized lock not wireless and I am looking for something I can add-on to get a notice if the lock is unlocked.

Are you looking to retrofit your existing lock? If you want to stay under 60 or $70, there are a couple of options.

If so, @johnconstantelo Took a magnetic sensor and stuck it on the deadbolt on the inside so that it would trigger if the lock was opened. That could be quite inexpensive relative to an actual smart lock.

Another option would be to use an electric strike. But that would be replacing your existing lock.

You can also look at the quick browse projects list for lock projects and see if there’s anything there you could use:

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I own a ZigBee Yale lock and have had no problems integrating with SmartThings. Everything officially supported by SmartThings has worked perfectly for the 2 months I’ve owned the lock.

Now, I will say that I am disappointed with the firmware on the lock as they don’t completely conform with the HA 1.2 standard. However, If you just want a good lock with the capability to lock and unlock I wouldn’t rule them out completely.

Edit: I missed that this is a new comment in an old thread.

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It’s a good lock, but the person I was replying to specified “something cheap.” Pretty sure that rules out every variety of Yale smart locks. :sunglasses:

Considering how expensive Z-Wave and ZigBee locks are (cheapest usually is around $140), a Yale ZigBee lock can be had for under $180. Not too bad but, yeah, I wouldn’t say cheap.

Magnetic contact would be the best idea I think for me. I would have to look for one that I can power supply directly from the lock batteries.