Z-Wave specs for either Kwikset 912 or Yale YRL-210-ZW-605?

I am considering these two door levers and the winner will be the one that releases the zwave command set, if either does. I like to have the commands so I can fix the broken device code if necessary :smile:

I’m not quite sure what you mean by “release the zwave Command set.” As with all certified Z wave devices, the supported Zwave command sets are listed in the conformance statement posted on the official Z wave alliance site.

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I mean full details. For example you pointed me to the zwave alliance for the GD00Z device but it doesn’t explain any of the command set preferences.

On the other hand provides full details on all options and how to set them in their manuals

And Aeon Tech releases their “engineering specs” online. For example here is the specs for the AeonTech Smart Switch 6 (Gen 5)

I don’t see details such as this for the GD00Z opener anywhere and I don’t want to buy a door lever with the same lack of information if possible.

Hmmm…actually kwikset out of contention. Maybe between Yale and Schlage now.

Kwikset too easy to defeat.

Wow! Never thought that it would be so easy. What makes Yale and Schlage more safe?

Apparently the issue is with the Kwikset SmartKey rekey technology, it lets this happen.

However Yale may not be better, I think they may have fixed this issue and the VeraLite Forums have a solution you can do yourself if they didn’t but honestly I think I will skip them also now.

I have not found a way to break into the Schlage yet :smile: So we may have a winner.

Would this qualify as a break in of Schalge as well. No locks are actually safe I guess.

What we just did is,… put ways of picking different kind of locks in one single place… :smile:

Talk to any locksmith: there are real differences.

Some are discussed in the following thread.

Honestly this looks like a pretty skilled pick even though he makes it look easy. The first video I posted points out that lock picking is a learnable skill so someone who wants to break in always can. But what you don’t want is you neighbor’s kid watching a youtube video and breaking in for fun. The Schlage still looks best to me. You need a fancy lock picking gun and notice he still needed the picking tool placed just right before he used the gun. So I bet not as easy as he made it look.

No youtube is the best source for that :smile:

This used to be true but most locks have made improvements on bump key issues. The kwikset claims to be bump proof.

But you are correct, a person who wants to break always can. I was just shocked how easy the kwikset could be broken.

Anyway this thread has gone WAY off track (by my own posts I realize that), I still wonder if any of the lock companies provide their zwave command set. Most for example can have new keycodes added via zwave but you need to know the codes to do that.

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I am sure you are right, but they make the claims.