What lock is better?

I’m just currious of what the opinion of the community is on which is the best loxk…August, schalge or Yale. Amazon has a few August locks in stock but they are not cheap. I do know wall Mart is working with August to deliver food & setting up a 1 time code if np oone is home.

I would like to see what others have to say, I’ve been wanting a smart lock for a while now.

Same here. I was going to get the schalge but then August came out with a new lock. Only thing I think is different is the blue tooth will open the lock when you are near the door.

Check out this post of a comparison of features, August not included yet, will do so in the next update.

Personally Yale is the most flexible and reliable lock, followed by Schlage. Schlage has a key feature on the BE469 series of a built in alarm with configurable sensitivity which is a killer feature IF you need it.

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They have different features, so different people like different ones. See the following thread:

One think I’m sure of, does the August lock open automatically when you are near the door with your phone?

It can if you want it to, it doesn’t have to.

Thats a killer feature. One more thing…I have nurses that come to my home for my daughter, can I allow them their own access code or key on their phone?

With any lock from this group that has a keypad, you can give them the code and you can have that code only work for specific days and times.

The August doesn’t have a keypad, but you can buy a separate keypad for it.

Also with any lock from this group if they have the app installed you can give them a code to use. In my case I have a number of health aides who come to the house, but many of them do not have smart phones and sometimes it’s a substitute. So I do prefer the keypad because then I just have to text them the key code to use and they don’t have to have an app on their phone . :sunglasses:

I asked my wife and she wants a lock with the keypad on it & she said she didn’t care if wallmart delivers groceries because we are never going to do that.

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I agree, I can’t imagine letting a Walmart employee in the house when I’m not home. I don’t even have most of my health aides there if i’m Not home, they’re supposed to wait until I get there. But different things work for different people. :sunglasses:

Looks like it will be the schlage…I will save some $ :grin:

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I have a Schlage, a Kwikset and a Yale smartlock on different doors to my home. Bought each one through different sales because I’m cheap like that. :wink:

Of the three I prefer the Schlage best of all. It gets the most use, the batteries have lasted the longest, it was the easiest to set up and the sturdiest lock. It has never given me a single problem (honestly all 3 of them have been acceptable).

Never used August, but at it’s price, I’d be more likely to just outfit my next place with all Schlage.

As for letting Walmart in my house… nah. But I travel for work and let family members use a custom code when they need something, which is awesome when I’m 500 miles away. I’ve also allowed someone to come over and check on my cat. I also know I’m very very unlikely to ever be locked out of my home. Plus I never worry if I locked the door. Or I unlock the door from my couch when a friend comes over. And it’s a great way to disarm SHM if something’s wonky with my phone.

I can genuinely say having a smart lock has been 100% worth it for me and I don’t ever want to not have at least one.

Also, ethayer’s Lock Manager smartapp is amazing and has really made having a smart lock 100% worth it. I’ve heard great things about Rboys apps and handlers as well.

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@Blaine23, does your Schlage lock have a physical key hole? I have several regular Schlage locks throughout my home and a few are rekeyed. Was hoping to get one that could still take a key if needed and were able to be re-keyed to my existing keys.

Yes the Schlage Camelot and Century Connect take keys as well and can be re-keyed.

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Yep. I have a Schlage Century Connect, which had a key and can be rekeyed by a lock dept at Lowes/HD. Actually of mine have keys, which is a necessity still (though I’ve never used one on any of my connected locks). Of those the Kwikset is the easiest to re-key - you can do it yourself - but there’s plenty of people who would chime in that it’s also the weakest security and easiest to break/bump/etc.

That said, my whole viewpoint with locks is that even the easiest one is more secure than a window, which are all over my house. If someone’s going to break it to force entry, that’s why you have other detectors/sensors to report that. So, I don’t get super particular over which deadbolt is the most secure. Every home (except underground bunkers) are not secure by design.

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I agree, there are definitely way easier/faster ways to get into a house thank lock picking. Regarding the re-keying, I was actually able to do that for my current non-smart Schlage locks myself as well. The guy at Home Depot said that I couldn’t, but it was pretty easy (although I can’t compare it to a Kwikset rekey, having never done one). Thanks for the info! I might be picking up a Camelot today on my way home from work.

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Impressive. The Kwikset is a proprietary thing called SmartKey, which is a patented home rekeying system. Basically you have a master key that you insert into a hole, then your usual key and it’s rekeyed. Whole process takes about 10 seconds.

Interestingly, Schlage tried to do their own version called SecureKey and got taken to court by Kwikset who won. Interesting case.

Ah, well I guess my way was definitely more involved! Had to remove the cylinder and replace the pins w/ different-sized ones from the kit. If you can do basic hand-tool work it’s very simple, but nowhere near as simple as the Kwikset system. Also, you have to be very careful not to let the springs get out of the cylinder. They are a real pain to re-insert!