New to home automation and new house

First things first: are you using the US version or the UK version of the smart things hub? The available devices are somewhat different in the two different regions. I just want to make sure that we’re giving you the right advice for your situation. :sunglasses:

As far as locks, see the FAQ: it discusses feature differences between the Schlage and the Yale. Both are good quality locks.

For wall switches, all of the standard Z wave switches will be pretty intuitive for visitors, although some are a little different from a standard non-networked switch. For example, with the Leviton switches you only press at the bottom of the switch, rather than at the top for on and at the bottom for off. It’s essentially just a toggle. Many people don’t care, but some prefer a switch for you press at the top on and the bottom for off.

The following thread discusses the various features the different switch brands might have: