What do you guys think is best ST compatible smartlock currently?

Looking into buying one but a lot of them aren’t out and I have no idea what’s compatible with ST beyond the 3 or so they list on their shop (none of which seem all that pleasing to me). Thanks!

Mostly it’s a matter of personal opinion. Much discussion in the forums. See for example the following:

If you wait a week or two you’ll see our official support for ZigBee locks from Kwikset!


I don’t mean to pick on you, but why oh why does everybody (not just you) post that link when it’s clear that people are looking for opinions on devices that work with ST? Even devices on the official list may actually have different supported features. Posting links like this is almost akin to everybody that replies to a question with “Dude, did you even search?” - Helpful to a point, but can become a poor way to interact with those actively looking for help or input with ST.


I actually just installed the Schlage Connect Century Deadbolt and I am very pleased. I found it for $150 at Home Depot (Open box). It has a programmable keypad and is ANSI Grade 1. The lock is about 30 ft from my ST Hub and connected right away in the app. The key indicator is that my wife said, “I like that I do not have to get my keys out now.” If she likes it then I win.

Quikset seems to be on par as well. I should note that this is for our backdoor which has 95% of the traffic. I am keeping the traditional lock and deadbolt on the front door because there is no need to automate.

Would be curious to know why ST is moving toward Zigbee. @Tyler?

I think they are just trying to offer choices. :sunglasses: We have had many members request zigbee locks, particularly from Australia. Zigbee uses the same frequency everywhere in the world, Zwave is different in different regions, which can make it difficult to find Devices if you’re not in the US or Europe.

Mostly what @JDRoberts said, but also that our hub will be sold on a shelf right next to the ZigBee Kwikset locks.

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I’ve owned the Yale touchscreen lock since February and am thoroughly pleased with it. It took me a while to implement the community-developed smart app that enhances its functionality and I regret that I didn’t do it sooner. (Newbie nervousness!)

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First and foremost I never assume that anyone has done their home work. That leads to very awkward conversations. Secondly, a lock is a lock there is very little variation between them in functionality, thought looks are a different story. So “what lock is best” in this case is simply what looks good on your door which no one here can answer, except you.
It doesn’t matter if your talking switches, bulbs, thermistats, or door looks there is no “best”, there is simply what works / or doesn’t, and what will work for your home and your situation and you didn’t provide any details to take the last 2 into consideration. So all that is left is the compatibility list.

Again, it all depends on your use case. There are some very real feature differences. It’s just they may not be features that matter to A particular person.

In my case, I am quadriparetic with very limited hand function. There’s a big difference to me between the capacitive screen of the Yale, and the resistive screen of the Schlage. Both are touchscreens, but only one works for me. On the other hand, if someone lives in an area where they have to wear gloves a lot of the time and they don’t have hand control issues, the resistive screen may work much better for them. That’s not something you can tell just from looking at pictures on a website, so it’s not just about the looks of the devices. :sunglasses:

True, but none of those requirements were mentioned, hence my initial response. It’s like asking what’s the best car that will fit in a 1 car garage. Unless you provide more details there is no meaningful answer.

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Not necessarily… a Hummer H1 would probably not fit well…:wink:

Beyond the screen differences does one stand out as working better with ST? By better I mean more reliable in terms of connection to the Hub, less false readings, and the most important to me…that it will not unlock falsely (not even sure if that makes sense or is possible).

As a side note, I literally just started with ST yesterday after trolling these forums for about the past year. I must also add that your posts are extraordinarily well written and have been a true value to me personally.

I am slowly moving into the ecosystem with just a few switches, door open/close sensor, and motion sensor for now. And am very cautious (more like nervous) for the purchase of a door lock. Although I have read plenty who swear by them, I need to get to that point of “knowing” it’s reliability is like six sigma good.

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From what I can see, all of the connected Schlage, Yale and Qwikset locks that work with ST have high ratings and reliability. All of those companies are well respected. I think reliability is more related to distance to the hub. I have had no issues with locks at all and it seems the only risk I can find is when you unlock it remotely. You won’t do it by mistake unless you are screwing around in the app and you do not know what you are doing. Otherwise seems fine.

Related to reliability and distance to the hub…a repeater always seems to fix that issue.

In short, you should be find using any of the above locks. Yale seems to have a few more small features but it also costs more.

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Both Schlage and Yale are extremely reliable locks, and have the advantage of still working very well just as a combination lock even if your smartthings is down.

if you get the zwave versions, you will likely need a second zwave device that support “beaming” within about 10 feet of the door. This can be a dual purpose device, like a light switch or a plug in module. So many people already have one in a good position. this will greatly improve reading status from the lock.

See the other topic for more detailed discussions.

Thank you both. Yes, I took a look at that topic, but will do a reread, as well as the various mesh network info including a post by you JDRoberts in response to someone asking the differences between wifi, zigbee, z wave. So as I add devices, I’ve got it planned out to have repeater devices along the path away from the hub in all directions.

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I love my Yale lock.

Not having a manual lock cylinder would make me nervous!

There is one on the inside, and at the bottom of the lock outside, there is a battery terminal for a 9v battery that will power the lock if the batteries die in it. The no key tumbler on the outside was actually a selling point for me lol.