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v1 motion sensors @ 4$ if anyone cares

do they work with st?

No, the V one zigbee devices from Iris do not work with SmartThings. The V2 zigbee devices generally do ( although not all features may be supported) as do most of the Z wave devices. The V2 motion sensors, contact sensors, the keypad, and the smart button are all popular in this community. :sunglasses:

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thanks. I had 12 in my cart but I will cancel. :slight_smile:

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looking for a deadbolt that I can connect to ST. anyone ever seen a “deal” on one of these?

Do you mean a standard smart lock with a combination panel? There are three of these on the official “works with smartthings” list: Yale, Schlage, and Kwikset.


The Yale and Schlage are both very good locks, the Kwikset is a low cost option. All three go on sale occasionally since they’re from big lock makers. You’ll probably see them on sale again at Home Depot or Lowe’s for Labor Day. If you have a deal site that you follow you can probably track them as they’re all major brands.

The ones with physical push buttons are usually about 15% less than the ones with touch screens.

Any follow on Detailed discussion of different lock models (as opposed to deals) should go in the following thread:

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the key word was deal. since we are on the lowes thread… that is code for lowes steal I mean deal

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Picked up a Roomba 880 on sale for $280 (reg. $600).

$235 after renovopower and topcashback.

Price checker showing 2 in Christiansburg VA

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Shipping isn’t available anymore if it was before.

WOW! That’s even better than what you can get 650’s for! By a comfortable margin.

Did not even think to check… thanks to this thread just got a 980 for $480 after coupons and rebates from my local Lowes that had it marked down to $580.


Has anybody had any luck with Renovo lately? It appears like all the codes have been redeemed :disappointed:

It was fun while it lasted!

Looks like they killed the script… window just closes after a few seconds

I sometimes find the page will randomly refresh losing the script window and have to run it again.

Hrm… working today. I was having an issue with changing location last night too so… wierd.

Got one for $380 locally but wished it was at the awesome price you got. Thanks

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IRIS contact sensors are on sale, 2nd generation. I think these are the ones that work fine with ST. $19.99, which is $3 off. If you can get a RenovoPower code to work in addition, it’s a pretty good deal.


Has anybody actually received their Taps ordered on Aug 8 ? I just got my 3rd " reply or we are cancelling your order " email

Not 5 seconds ago I was wondering where mine is. Not a word I’ve only received 1 notice.