Best door lock for the least money

Looking to add a smart lock to my network and am looking for one that I can buy from a local box store.

Whats the best bank for your buck smart lock and what features does it have?

I don’t know if you can still find any, but Target had this Schlage lock on clearance for ~$65 a few weeks ago. I bought two of them.
If you are lucky some store near you still has one.

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That’s an insane price for those!!

These are consistently available as Amazon “refurbished / Warehouse Deals” for about $139, in all colors and both styles. I settled for that deal. They sent wrong style the first time, but free, easy returns.

$65 is amazing if you can find it. eBay also worth checking. These locks are easy to “Factory Reset”, but hard to fully test before installation.

Looking for p/n info for local purchase right now. Thanks and I may consider online for my second lock.

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This should be of interest. (This is a clickable link.)

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GO here and put in your zipcode.
The DCPI for this is 085-03-0147

While you are at it, see if they have have Next thermostats. They had them for $125 in some stores and a few had them for $75. The DCPI for that is 085-00-0140

Good luck


So…I think Im just going to get the Kwikset 916 in Venetian Bronze but I cant find any local place that has them in stock.

Has anyone spotted these in the wild yet? I understand that locations carry different products, but if youve seen it at WalMart or Best Buy, there should be a stock number in their system. Lowes cuoldnt find it in their system…