Bulbs, switches and sensors, oh my....what to buy (device class features FAQ)

Well I am just looking to put in a zwave switch to control our outside lights in the porch and on the garage. Nothing special but we just want to put them on a schedule. I was looking at this website https://www.aartech.ca/zwave-wall-switches and I was just wondering if one is better than the other and if they work with ST?

They both work with SmartThings, although you will need custom code to make the Homeseer ones work, and then they aren’t officially supported.

And you bring up a good point that we hadn’t really discussed in this thread so far, which is that only some devices are officially supported. There are lots of other ones that will work, but may require custom code, and then SmartThings support won’t help you with them if you do run into a problem.

You can see the devices that are officially supported on the compatibility list:


If you want to stick only to those, your choices will be between Leviton, GE, and Enerwave.

As detailed in the discussions above, the GE are the “good enough” choice for most people, and very popular. They are a value brand in the Z wave category, and frequently much less expensive than other brands.

The GE are also one of the only brands that have a toggle rather than a rocker, again, as detailed above.

The Leviton are a better engineered brand, and among other things can dim lower than the GE. But they do have an unusual form factor, as mentioned in the posts above. So not everyone likes those. Also they are noticeably more expensive.

If you just want a simple switch that SmartThings Will officially support, GE is fine.


BTW, Home Depot in Canada does carry a few z-Wave switches, typically Leviton and GE, but selection does vary from store to store.

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Thanks I just checked homedepot.ca to see what they have. This is what I found. https://www.homedepot.ca/en/home/p.z-wave-wink-compatible-switch-white.1000818247.html From the reviews, it looks like these work with ST. What do you think? I just noticed these are Leviton.

That should be fine, it’s a good Switch. :sunglasses: Just be aware that as with all of the Leviton classic Z wave switches, it’s not a rocker where you press the top for on and the bottom for off. You always press the bottom on that switch. Most people don’t care, but some people prefer a traditional rocker.

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I don’t think I care except that it will be one of a dual switch. The other switch will be normal as I have a hues bulb connected to that one. I wonder if Leviton makes the same type of switch that isn’t zwave?

Just updating the thread for locks. :sunglasses:

Most people using SmartThings get Z wave locks, in part because then there’s no issue with Wi-Fi interference which allows you to boost Wi-Fi signal near the front door for cameras or Wi-Fi video doorbells without running into a problem. But most of the big lock companies also makes zigbee versions of their smart locks if you want one. As of this writing, February 2017, none of the Bluetooth locks are compatible with SmartThings.


There are two main kind of zwave smart locks for homes: keypad locks, which replace the existing deadbolt and have a keypad on the outside of the door where you can enter a code, and retrofit locks, where the exterior piece is the same as always, and there’s a piece that goes on the inside of the door and fits physically over the existing turn bolt so that it can be turned.

Keypad lock on the exterior side. It replaces the existing deadbolt

Keypad lock on the interior side

Interior with retrofit lock. It fits over the existing turnbolt. The exterior will look the same as always.

Both can be opened automatically or from your phone. The big difference is that the keypad lock enables someone, such as a child who lives in the home, to open the lock from the outside without needing either a phone or a key. But for those who live in apartments or subdivisions which require that all exterior door locks look the same, the retrofits are a good option. Also, some people just prefer them aesthetically.

You can get a keypad lock which just replaces the deadbolt, or one that has a built-in lever handle as well.

If you live in the UK, there are also some keypad locks that are much thinner and designed to fit European doors.

keypad lock features

There’s an FAQ for Z wave/zigbee keypad locks that covers different brand features , so I won’t repeat all that information here. Just follow this link:

2017 did see the release of the August pro, which is the only lock which can be used with both SmartThings and HomeKit, so if you’re looking for that particular combination, that’s another one to consider. It’s a retrofit lock so that there is a piece that fits over your existing deadbolt turn the key on the interior, and the exterior looks the same as it always did. No keypad unless you buy a separate accessory device. So it will be good for some use cases, but not others.


breaking and fixing is half the battle lol

There is a good discussion of Siren features in the following thread:

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Looks like we haven’t ever added this to the thread yet. This is the FAQ that lists all of the remotes and buttons that have been confirmed to work with SmartThings. Some are wallmount, some are handheld; some are battery operated and some are mains powered. But it’s a pretty simple FAQ: just one post per device with the region, name, picture, a brief description, and a thread to discussion threads if any in the forum. :sunglasses:

There aren’t a lot of options for ceiling fan control that work with SmartThings, but there are two good ones and some that are OK if the first two don’t work with your wiring. See the following thread:

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Looks to be that the GE is the most common brand for switches… Ge Smart switch with dimmer and wanted to know the following:

I would like to install this in a light that is controlled by 2 switches (different locations) and wanted to know if I have to install 2 of these or just one (leaving a dummy one) so I can make it work with z wave?

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