CentraLite Keypads

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Spinning this off into a new topic so as not to derail the SHM discussions.

I have a device handler and SmartApp that I’ve been working on as time permits. They’re not ready for prime time as I haven’t worked out all of the quirks with this keypad, but I’ll post links to them here. Maybe it will give someone a head start getting the Iris keypad integrated as well.

This is for the 3400 Xfinity version

DTH: https://github.com/mitchpond/SmartThingsPublic/blob/master/devicetypes/mitchpond/centralite-keypad.src/centralite-keypad.groovy

SmartApp: https://github.com/mitchpond/SmartThingsPublic/blob/master/smartapps/mitchpond/3400-x-keypad-manager.src/3400-x-keypad-manager.groovy


  1. It seems to be very timing sensitive. It will complain if there’s a long delay in receiving the response. Cloud issues and this keypad do not play well together.

  2. For some reason, configure was not being called for me when adding the device yesterday. If the network light is still flashing after pairing, go into the device in the app and hit configure. You may need to hit the wall switch on the back, per the instructions, to get everything talking.

  3. This code is fairly rough yet. I take no responsibility for this breaking your setup, letting burglars into your house, negatively affecting xAF

There are a couple of commands that I’m assuming might be part of HA 1.3 or Zigbee 3.0 draft specs (cluster 0x501 commands 4 and 5, server --> client, not marked as mfg specific) that would be great to have docs for. If anyone has any insight…that would be great :smile:

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It looks like this? Cool project!

I won’t be arming SHM anytime soon - But I’m looking forward to it someday.

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I will give it a go once I get home. Thanks for posting it!!!

OK, great work @mitchp!
I was able to add it no problem and it found your device type right away, I did have to hit the configure button to get it to stop blinking. I have never owned an alarm system before so I had to get the hang of how to use it…lol. It appears that you press the mode you want then the code, and pressing just the code to disarm. It also looks like the 1st and 3rd of the mode buttons do the same since there is only one stay mode in ST and the middle button is for Arm Away.

I did find one bug that it does not like zeros as the first digits of the code. If I use 0089 the IDE logger only sees it as 89 and it does not work, 9000 for example registers correctly. It would be nice if there was a way to fix this if I wanted my code to start with a zero :smile: if not its not that big of a deal.

It seems to be very timing sensitive. It will complain if there’s a long delay in receiving the response. Cloud issues and this keypad do not play well together.

What did you mean by this? How will I know if I am having this issue?

It’s totally awesome that when I change the Alarm through the app or other means it reflects right away on the keypad…well done!

Thanks for all your effort on this, this is a game changer!

Ok, no using my March birthday as alarm code. Thanks for the heads up

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I wound up having to bring it over to the hub for it to pair. I had already installed the device type and app in IDE. I tried a few times from desk 20’ from hub and it wouldn’t do anything. So I went over to the hub , pulled both batteries, held in the wall button while inserting the battery back in and before I could get the second battery in, it was paired and identified.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with it

If mine does not get a response quick enough, it sometimes leaves the network or turns off the radio. It just pulses. Usually after a few unsuccessful attempts. Sometimes removing the batteries for a bit fixes it.

I’m not sure what causes the configure method to not be called during setup. That’s something that support would probably need to look at. Mine wasn’t registering the Zigbee ID in the IDE either, but I chalked that up to the IDE being fairly awful this week…

As far as the code goes, I was going to switch the input to a string and perform some input validation which would allow for leading zeroes while preventing letters, etc. I left it as a number while testing more for ease of input since using “number” for the type prompts you with the number pad instead of the keyboard.

If we ever get delays, I’ll look into having the keypad go into entry/exit delay mode. Might have to contact CentraLite and see if they’d be nice enough to provide some documentation on the actual workings of this. Couldn’t hurt to try I suppose.

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Thanks @mitchp

Well that would suck if it happens a lot…would be a WAF killer. I’m not blaming you just simply saying that would suck :smile: I’m going to test it out a bunch before I show the family how to use it.

That would be cool, like I said not a huge deal but would be really nice, thanks!

The delays would be the ultimate addition but I know that’s out of your hands for the moment :smile:
When I contacted Centralite I had 2 responses right away, their customer service was great.
If you need me to do anything just let me know.

it would be awesome if smartthings got its own Samsung Smart keypad, they already get their devices from centralite if im not wrong :wink: any staff reading this?

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I can’t figure out how to make it do anything other than beep at me or flash me LOL
I get the same beeps whether I enter the proper code ( pushed through app) or just random code.
I thought I could use it as a remote for smartalarms, but it doesn’t show up as an available remote.
It shows the temperature in your app, but I can’t use that temperature as a trigger for anything. Then again the temp the keypad is showing is 15 degrees warmer than the GoControl PIR 5 feet away from it. If anything I would expect it to be colder since it is next to the door.

I don’t know what I am looking at, but it looks to me as though ST is talking to keypad, but the keypad is not talking to ST. Entering codes or anything on keypad are not showing in the logs.
The battery level is reading 62% and the paperwork says battery light will come on at 60 days left ( of alleged 2-3 year battery life ) and light is on.

Very cool stuff Mitch! For delays, could you build the option into the SmartApp? User inputs the delay length, and you use a runIn or runOnce to delay the arm event. Maybe a good use for the 4th mode button on the keypad since ST only has the 3 alarm modes.

Fourth button on keypad ? Mine has 3 mode buttons standing ,running and moon.

I must have been thinking that Disarm had its own button. Still 3 arm buttons, but only Away and Stay in ST, right?

No, ST has Home, Away and night. Which I would take as Home ( standing ), Away ( running) and night ( moon)

My mistake. I don’t have SHM setup for security yet, so I was going off this comment.

A few things here:
The 3 buttons at the top are Home/Stay (standing still), Arm Away (person running) and Night (moon). The keypad and Xfinity alarm system have the capability of a separate Home/Stay and Night modes, ST does not. SHM has Arm, Stay and Disarm. I use Stay mode only as a night mode when we goto bed, I don’t turn on the alarm when we are at home during the day but you could if you wanted to.
So for this setup the 1st and 3rd button do exactly the same, sets SHM to Stay mode and the middle button is for Arm mode in SHM. To disarm the system you don’t use any of those buttons, you just enter the code. To Arm the system you press one of the mode buttons followed by your code.

It would be cool if the delay could be built into the smartapp but I am not a programmer so I have no idea if that’s even possible :slight_smile:

@RLDreams, Are you trying to use this through SmartAlarm or Smart Home Monitor? This only works with Smart Home Monitor that is built into the SmartThings app.

I usually have SHM arm in Stay mode at 11pm and disarm at 6am before I have to let the dogs out. To test it out I turned off the 6am disarm and will use the keypad to test everything out for a few days before I introduce it to my family. This morning it worked perfectly!!

I was trying to use it to set up smartalarm, so that could be part of my problem. Stupid me thinking I would use an alarm panel to set up smartalarm. LOL

I’m going to try fresh batteries in it, because the logs are showing commands sent to keypad, but only things sent from keypad were the temp at battery level and first time I tried entering a code when I first paired it.

( I fully admit that after 30 years of not coding I may be reading the logs wrong) ST is sending polls and refresh commands to keypad, but I don’t see where the keypad is replying.

I could conceivably do an exit delay, but an entry delay would probably require some support on the SHM side.

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Can you post the logs? When I push the code in on the keypad it shows in the logs the correct code and the command (Arm,Disarm…). I have fresh batteries but mine were totally dead.

This wouldn’t be much of an issue if you use a smartlock to disarm SHM, correct? So the delay would allow you to exit after arming and then when you come back it automatically disarms when you use a code with the smartlock.