[OBSOLETE] Lowes Iris and XFinity CentraLite keypad DTH + Apps

Continuing the discussion from [CentraLite Keypads] (CentraLite Keypads - #985 by zcorneli):

This DTH is based on @mitchp’s original code, with improvements from @RudiP, as well as:

  • Nicer tiles (largely from RudiP’s work)
  • Better support for the tome capability
  • Supports the panic button both as a contact sensor and a button (button 1)
  • Supports reporting motion via the keypad wakeup sensor.
  • Improved pairing procedure to be more reliable
  • Support for the Tamper switch (Via tamper capability)
  • Support for Entry and Exit delay beeps via SmartAlarm + User Lock Manager
  • Support for Exit delay beeps via User Lock Manager
  • Can be used with User Lock Manager, or with User Lock Manager and SmartAlarm

Keypad Improved User Lock Manager SmartApp:

  • Support multiple keypads
  • Support Keypad exit delay

Improved SmartAlarm SmartApp:

  • Provides a very close approximation to a “traditional” alarm system
  • Support for multiple keypads (for status) - (ULM still handles code input processing)
  • Support for Entry and Exit delay beeping via keypads
  • Support for device chime on contact open (Works with anything supporting the “Tone” capability properly)
  • Chime can be turned on or off per zone, and per keypad.
  • Ability to strobe sirens during Entry delay, if desired
  • Disable arming (exit) delay in stay mode (Optional to re-enable)

You can use this DTH just with User Lock Manager (And Smartthings SHM), or with both User Lock Manager and SmartAlarm.

To pair the device:

  • Install the DTH
  • Search for new things
  • Put the keypad into pairing mode.
  • For a new (previously unpaired) keypad, this is just pull the plastic tab, or put the batteries back in
  • For a previously paired keypad, take out the batteries, hold the tamper switch down, put 1 battery in, and release the tamper switch 1-2 seconds after putting the battery in
  • The network light on the keypad should begin a slow double blink cycle, indicating its in pairing mode
  • Smartthings should find the device, and list it as a CentraLite keypad, or an Iris Keypad (as appropriate
  • Once Smartthings finds the device, the network light on the keypad should blink rapidly.
  • Once the network light begins blinking rapidly, tap the tamper switch once (on the back of the keypad, under the mounting triangle on Iris keypads).
  • Within 2-3 minutes (Usually faster) of pressing the tamper switch, the keypad should beep three times (At least for the Iris variants), and the network light should go solid. (The keypad might go to sleep, in which case wave your hand in front of it to wake it up

To use with just User Lock Manager:

  • Install the DTH and pair as above
  • Install User Lock Manager SmartApp
  • In User Lock Manager SmartApp, select a keypad as the “Locks” you want to use (This won’t do anything, just enable the rest of the app
  • Set up the number of users, and user settings however you’d like
  • Note, these keypads only support 4-digit PINs, so limit yourself to that)
  • Under Keypad Settings (optional), select the keypad(s) you want to use
  • Set up the routines used when the keypad is set to various modes
  • The default “Goodbye!”, “I’m Back!”, “Good Night!” routines work well for most people
  • Set up an arm delay, if desired.

At this point, the keypad + ULM should control Smart Home Monitor appropriately.

To use the keypad with ULM and SmartAlarm:

  • Set up the DTH, device, and ULM as above
  • Under the ULM Keypad Info (optional) page:
  • Set “Send Status to keypad” to false (unchecked)
  • Set “Arm Delay (in seconds)” to 0
  • Install Smart Alarm SmartApp
  • Under SmartAlarm, “Arming/Disarming Options”:
  • Select the keypad(s) you want to use
  • Select the arming modes you wish to use (The default modes of “Away”, “Night”, and “Home” work well)
  • Select an Entry and Exit delay, as desired.
  • Under the SmartAlarm “Notification Options” page:
  • Select the chime devices (Keypads, and/or other tone devices) you wish to use
  • Select any other notification options you’d like
  • Under SmartAlarm SmartApp, add or remove any Zones you want to use under the “Add/Remove Zones”

The default is to chime on any contact sensor opening, but not on other things. This can be changed per-zone under “Configure Zones”

The Easiest way to get these is to use the github repository by clicking “Settings” when in the Device Handlers or SmartApps segment of the API, and adding a github repository:

Owner: miriad
Repository Name: Centralite-Keypad
Branch: master

Otherwise, you can download them from here:

DTH here:

User Lock Manager SmartApp here:

SmartAlarm SmartApp here:


If the keypad gives a rapid red blinking status light, its the sign of low batteries. Its possible that Lowes/Iris is sending out units with bad batteries in them (One of my units had crappy batteries in it, and is running much better on fresh batteries).

If the devices arn’t chiming, but entry/exit delay beeps work, check the preferences for the device in the API (not just the app), and ensure beep_duration is 1, and not 0. This can get stuck at 0, and then can only be changed in the API, and for some reason, the preference in the app still shows 1, even though that’s not correct.


I really appreciate what you guys are doing. Unfortunately I am still at a loss. I installed the dth in 906 with no luck, my keypad would not pair. Then last night I noticed the newest DTH and Apps and installed them this morning. My keypad paired after a couple minutes. It would not pair automatically,but when I backed out of the pairing process, it said I had a device that needed to connect. I setup the keypad, ULM and Smartalarm as I had it before while I was at work. When I got home, I went to test the keypad and learned it still does not work. When I attempt to enter the code and press a mode button, IRIS flashes quickly and made the noise it used to make when the panic button was pressed. The keypad shows up in my things menu, and is providing temperature and battery readings, but I cannot use it to change my alarm modes. Any other suggestions?

During each step in the pairing process, what’s the light status, and does anything beep?

Keep in mind, once SmartThings says the keypad is paired, You still need to press the tamper switch to complete the pairing process.

There is a fresh writeup of the pairing process in the first post in this thread. (I wrote it as going through the process for my 2nd keypad).


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I deleted the keypad repaired it. It beeped 3 times then the iris, antenna and off lights were solid. Then I followed the instructions for the ULM and Smart Alarm and the lights are cycling across the bottom. The keypad still will not change the mode for the alarm.

UPDATE After several minutes of letting the keypad sit, I was able to arm my system with the keypad. After the system armed, I attempted to check the other modes and the lights just cycled at the bottom of the keypad. Moments later I was able to changed the mode to Stay. After the mode switched to stay, it stopped working all together. The lights just keep cycling and no modes will change.

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That certainly sounds like the keypad pairing is complete. Does the live
logging show anything interesting during the procedure? Particularly during
the pairing, and during the first attempt to use the keypad.


I would love to tell you but I don’t know what I’m looking at. I thought I disarmed the system through SHM, but aparently it was not disarmed. I just stepped outside and the sirens went off. In a panic I pressed the code on the keypad and it disarmed it momentarily but the alarm went off again less than a minute later. I’m guessing there are still some timing issues. It seems as though it somewhat works but cannot change modes in rapid succession. I can send you the event history if you want to look at it. I did not have the live logging up at the time.

You can PM me the event logs from the keypad, and from the siren (Or some other device that’s triggered by the alarm), I’ll take a look and see if there’s anything interesting there. I’m not sure what’s going on, it sounds like there’s some link that’s missing.

If you can also send a trace from live logging during an arm and a disarm attempt from the keypad, I might be able to get a better idea of what’s going on.

After more than a month of my keypad not working, I installed the above DTH and Apps and my keypad is now working. I followed the above directions step by step twice. Both times my keypad did not initially work. After letting it sit for a couple hours while I ate dinner, it somehow began working. Just a thought if anyone attempts this and it does not immediately work. Big thanks for Zcorneli for his patience and help with making this possible.


since updating to the new dth and apps, the keypad doesnt go into entrydelay mode when I come home. If I enter soon after arming the keypad it works, but after an 8hr work day it does not. Not sure if its the new apps or not, I didn’t have this problem until the update

My keypad worked for a couple days but no longer will accept codes now. The lights just cycle at the bottom again and it will not change the mode.

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Update - Working the next morning.

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@Zevans08 and @Neight:

I’ve also had some issues the past few days with SmartAlarm not fully arming (It would give me the “Arming in 30 seconds” message, but never actually arm). As of now, things appear to be working right, but that doesn’t mean much if they don’t stay that way.

This looks like it’s related to the various SmartThings scheduling issues, including RunIn() jobs not being scheduled at all:

Hopefully ST Support can get things fixed up, so we’ll stop seeing issues, and get back to normal.

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Since my post I haven’t had any issues. I’m hoping that is was all caused by the scheduling issue. Which seems to be getting resolved.

My keypad has been working intermittently. Two days ago, it would not allow me to turn off the alarm when I woke up for work. Then today, it wouldn’t allow my wife to arm the alarm when she left, but worked fine for me when I got home a few hours later.

I wonder if sometimes it gets “overloaded” for example if I open my door and start typing in the code before it has a chance to go to entrydelay mode. Perhaps it is detecting the door being opened, motion, and input in to short of a time frame.

Not sure, I know one of the times mine did not work, I simply waved my hand and the lights at the bottom were cycling. It received no other input other than the motion sensor on the keypad.

Smartthings is claiming the scheduled job issues are fixed. How’s everything been running the last few days?


Here’s an example of how things have been for me. This scheduled app runs just after midnight every night, and on the 1st day of the month it resets a meter. As you can see, the scheduler did not run on the 1st… September saw more hiccups leading into October, but at least the last week it has been working as designed.

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Thats a strikingly useful table. Glad to see its been back to normal the past few days.


Things have been great…I might be able to attribute part of my earlier issue to a low/dead battery in my garage motion sensor. But it’s arming when I tell it to, going into delays at the proper time and disarms appropriately.

I guess my only complaint would deal with the “chime” function. I didn’t originally plan on using it because my keypad is in my basement which is where we always enter and exit so I would never hear the chime when we are in our upstairs. However I found that it does serve as a good reminder to arm the keypad (I have it set to chime when I open the door to my garage which is located right next to the key pad). Typically when I open the door the chime doesn’t go off for about 5 seconds and depending on how much of a hurry i’m in, I could have the door closed and be in my car before it chimes. Probably not much if anything that can be done…everything has it’s limitations.

But in all this keypad and the apps surpass my expectations. Thank you for all the work put into this