Current Device Deals & Best Prices (link to new thread at bottom of thread)

Tried using this code, didn’t work.

It should work one time only if you are paying with the Amazon store card. It won’t work for any other payment method.

Awesome thank you! I don’t think it’s a bad price at all but $175 is even better! :smiley:

Drat. ECHODEAL is apparently dead as of 2 hours ago. I finally got around to talking to my husband about using his credit to sign up for the store card, but too late. :frowning:

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A deal is a deal, but signing up for another credit card just to save $50-$70 seems silly to me… but that’s just me :wink:

Centralite security keypads, $15, on eBay:

Nicely supported now using custom SmartApp, device type:


Well, to follow-up with my experience on this great deal…

I had bought 3 3-way switches and 4 on/off switches from Lowe’s a few days before this all began. I went to my local store and they would credit me the difference because I had bought them at a different store. So, I went over to that store and talked to the manager. In short, he gave me 2 run around stories about why he not only couldn’t match @TexAMR 's Lowe’s receipt, but also the store across town that matched the price on 3 dimmers.

Needless to say, that pissed me off!!!

So, tonight I went back to the store with all of the items I’d purchased. I returned the dimmers because I really don’t need them. My plan was to return the entire $400.00 worth of stuff. But, on a whim I asked which manager was on duty and it was not “The Other Guy”. So, I talked to him. Told him they were non-stock items and showed him the paperwork. He pulled them up to verify it and sure enough he hooked up on the price match.

So, him and the cashier swiped my card and processed the transaction. I got back a total of $282.00, so, I went back to check the shelves and sure enough, there sat 3 outdoor modules. I got those for $10.00 each as well.

Oh, and a bonus!!! When she swiped my card the computer pulled up all of the other items I had bought at the Lowe’s location… and gave me the discount on all of those too!!! HELL YEAH!!!

So, in all… total retail price of stuff - $451.92 Total actually paid for stuff - $121.00
Plus, wait, there’s more!!!

I got Echo #3 today for $99.00… Total Retail Price - $631.91 Total Paid - $220.99

Today’s savings - $410.92 or 65% savings!

Thank you so much!!! Even my wife is smiling!!! lol


I currently have a version of Lock Code Manager working with added keypad support. Working on a pull request to add the compatibility to the official but until then my version of the code is posted in that thread (post 259). This allows you to share codes between your smartlocks and your keypad.

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If only Lowes here in Canada had this same deal going on…damn

For those of you that have State Farm insurance, I found a deal in my account today - 10% off of the new Iris Automation Pack (#753204) at Lowe’s that includes 2 of the new contact sensors, one motion sensor, one smart button, and one smart plug. Current price on is $129. check your discounts section in your account for the PDF with code.

Don’t be too bummed out…it’s not happening at the vast majority of ours either lol
Very few people have gotten the deal being talked about with the crazy clearance on the GE stuff.

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No luck at Lowes for me either, they only had 2 of the GE outdoor modules left. Wouldn’t budge on $20 price marked so I passed.

I would pay $20 for those but that’s just me :smile:

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@miketx has it mostly working, but it looks like it’s currently OOS

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Shows “In Stock” on the TD page for me (which was as far as I got) but then when I went to add it to the cart it says OOS…sorry about that.

Edit: Going to remove the post so no one gets their hopes up :frowning:

Too bad we dont get a lot of deals that our good friends in the US get. I mean the Echo is not even available on We probably need a separate thread for Canadian deals


There was only one reported lowes that offered this price, you might be able to show them the picture and ask if they would match(the equivalent price) that was shown.

To my knowledge only @TexAMR’s local lowes had these officially marked down to that price. The rest of us(myself included) requested our local lowes to price match the picture.

Hope this helps

If your close to the border you could always try the closest one in the states. But FYI the ND locations seem to be cleaned out =P

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^^ And this too from @TexAMR

I think the thread would be pretty sad haha


What are you going to spend that 400$ now? It’s once again Friday! Let the drunken shopping begin! :wink: