Smart Home Monitor - Feature Requests

It was in a white box with a mounting bracket, screws, the keypad and a little quick start guide. It wasn’t paired out of the box, but I did find instructions for resetting it on a Comcast site somewhere… Can’t seem to find it right now, but I may have it bookmarked at home. Might have been either hold tamper button while removing and replacing batteries, or press tamper button repeatedly after replacing batteries.

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Sorry for the late reply but I just saw this comment.

You can have the device move into the correct mode when you return home you just need to set up the corresponding Away modes too. I have:

Away (Daytime)
Away (Evening)
Home (Daytime)
Home (Evening)

And I set up multiple routines:
The house moves from Away(Daytime) to Away(Evening) at sunset but only if mode is Away(Daytime)
The house moves from Home(Daytime) to Home(Evening) at sunset but only if mode is Home(Daytime)
The house moves from Away(Daytime) to Home(Daytime) on presence arrival but only if mode is Away(Daytime)
The house moves from Away(Evening) to Home(Evening) on presence arrival but only if mode is Away(Evening)
The house moves from Home(Daytime) to Away(Daytime) on presence leaving but only of mode is Home(Daytime)
The house moves from Home(Evening) to Away(Evening) on presence leaving but only of mode is Home(Evening)

The actions will also arm/disarm the system depending on mode and time, Setting up the routines is a little long winded but I’ve been running this way for several months now. I also have a Nighttime mode - when things quieten down or 1 in the morning - that changes to Daytime when things start happening or it’s 10 in the moning.

A time filter would be nice though - assuming it was sunset/sunrise aware.


@RLDreams and @mitchp, I contacted Centralite directly and they got back to me super fast. They sent me 2 different pdf’s with basically the same thing, the last one seems to have a little more info but have all the info we should need.

Step 1: Hardware Reset
Remove and replace batteries.
Step 2: Trigger Manual Rejoin
Remove the keypad from the wall and press the wall button 5 times.
Step 3: Factory Default
Remove batteries from keypad. Press and hold the wall button while reinstalling one battery. Once the keypad illuminates, release the wall button. Refer to the Getting Started section to rejoin the keypad.

Here are the 2 manuals they sent me:!75036&authkey=!AMwd5rjFtbMn9wo&ithint=file%2Cpdf!75035&authkey=!AJq87fyT1Xx4D0Y&ithint=file%2Cpdf


I found that second pdf somewhere, but for the life of me I cannot retrace my steps to find it again.

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Thanks for the workaround, albeit a little messy. I just use my own SmartApp that checks the time when i arrive and sets the correct mode.

My point was that your workaround or my SmartApp should not be necessary.

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The Xfinity 3400 keypad device type and smartapp by @mitchp is now in its own post here:

I know @RLDreams and @DRoss bought the same keypad. I set it up and it works :smile: Go check it out!


I’m sorry if this has already been requested but this thread got big quick. I would like notifications added, text preferably, to tell me alarm status changes and preferably when people come home and leave. I’m using @geko alarm because there are no notifications in SHM.



I think this and the delay in arming/disarming are the number one requests.

That is why I was looking at SmartAlarm instead of SHM , SmartAlarm has a setting for entry/exit delay.


Got a false alarm from a door contact early this morning while asleep. Maybe have an option to only send an alert if a door has been open or if motion is detected for more than ‘x’ seconds to combat these false alarms?

Please add a Carbon Monoxide section or the like, CO detectors aren’t even in the custom list, they should arguably have their own section like smoke and fire.
I went through the trouble of getting the Kiddie interconnects for both the smoke and CO, wired them to a couple of hacked monoprice contacts, hacked up a device for Smoke and another for CO, works perfect, but no place to include the CO in SHM… :angry:

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This is exactly why I have always hated the often ‘go to’ solution on this forum of creating more modes. Modes are terrible for exactly that reason. I have my lights function differently during the day than at night. Instead of tying their behavior to a mode change, I simply use multiple instances of the Smart Lighting App to run on opposite schedules. Before the V2 hub, I did the same thing with Smart Rules, obycode’s App, but that doesn’t run locally on the new hub.

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Smoke rules should work even when not in an armed state. One of my smoke detectors was triggered while cooking bacon yesterday, and the rule that should have triggered my alarm and notified me of danger was blissfully unaware due to SHM being disarmed.

I like the basic idea of this, but I do still want the state for maintenance or testing where everything is disarmed. So I would like to see the option to say “Smoke alarms and CO2 alarms only,” as well as the granularity of specifying individual alarms.

Other than testing, is there ever any other case for not sounding an alarm when smoke is detected? Smoke was detected at my house over the weekend and SHM said everything was OK. I think each rule, especially custom rules, should have an arm state variable. I would like to trigger the cameras to take a clip when the mailbox is opened and I would not want to arm the system for that. Same with smoke and co2 detectors. If there is smoke detected they should trigger an alarm state no matter what the status of the system.


Network layout is the main reason why you would want to not trigger all the stuff you have in SHM. That is, you’re adding new devices and you’re doing some testing then you’re just not quite sure what’s going to trigger where in the house and you don’t want to start sending notifications to your neighbors.

A good example would be if you were adding an acoustic monitor like Leelo and you wanted to test that without having to take all your smoke detectors off your SmartThings network. Or redo all your logic.

It’s not going to happen very often, but choice is good. :sunglasses:

I tried the SHM but it was a pain to have to dismiss the notification manually in the app. This would happen to me everyday because the presence feature with my iPhone would not update until 10 minutes after I got home. I would walk in the door it would send the notification that someone was in the house and then I’d have to pull out the phone unlock it launch ST navigate to the SHM, tap on the Security tab and then tap the view alert, scroll down and delete the alert. I uninstalled it and am using other means of notification. Seems like a good feature in theory but it relies on everything else working perfectly.

My feature request would be to add a preference for how the alerts are dismissed or remove the need to manually dismiss the alert.


Thats exxactly the reason why we need an entry and exit delay, @Ben is anyone working on this?

Work is ongoing on SHM. This thread is monitored by those who are doing the work and planning the work. Thanks for continuing to point out desired behaviors.


I feel like it could be improved with the following modes

  • Disabled
  • Enabled
    • Disarmed
    • Armed Stay
    • Armed Away

When enabled any rule specified under what used to be considered damage and danger would function regardless of the arming state. This would cover things like smoke and water damage. This would also allow for complete disabling the system in times of testing or troubleshooting. It would also help if the custom camera triggers functioned in this mode. For example, trigger a camera when the mail is delivered or your child comes home from school. The system would have to be armed to capture either of those events and both tend to happen when the system would not be armed.