Without a keypad... how do children disarm ST?

It’s not a question of reliability, which is a separate issue. The question is about usability. If SmartThings positions itself as a security solution they should have thought about this obvious use case.


If you only want to use officially compatible devices you can install an ST-compatible keypad lock that doesn’t actually unlock anything and use that as your security keypad. It could be inset into a wall, on a post in the yard, whatever you want. As long as getting near it to unlock it does not set off your intrusion alarm, you can have unlocking it disarm your SHM before you unlock your regular lock. :sunglasses:

I’m not saying this is the cheapest solution, but it would certainly work.

BTW, this is in no way intended to suggest that ST shouldn’t have an officially compatible keypad and zone delays because, yeah. Just saying it can be done.


I agree with @isriam, bite the bullet for a DSC or what have you if you really want reliable security.

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My kids used smarttiles on the kids phone. Not the best but it worked.


Let us know how we can make SmartTiles better for this use case … chances are it may already be on the wish-list / future feature list, but … just checking! :slightly_smiling:

I was wondering if a DYI keypad solution might work here. It would seem that using an Arduino or the Particle Photon in combination with something like a keypad (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/8653) might work. For example, you could write code for the Photon that would send a “disarm” command to the cloud if the correct sequence of numbers was pressed on the keypad. Then, you could use a SmartApp to retrieve that variable and effectively disarm ST.

A crude way is to setup an IFTTT recipe using SMS. Teens text your number a predefined PIN that IFTTT reacts to and if it matches, IFTTT send ST a message to disarm ST, or have it flip a virtual switch that signals ST to disarm.

I appreciate all the input - it seems the larger answer is that I haven’t missed anything terribly obvious. I’m going to focus my research on abode now, which offers me 90% of what I need.

Perhaps I’ll be back talking about abode integration to ST, or at least IFTTT recipies between SH and abode.

This will work for some families, but not others. It’s likely that the text will remain in the teen’s history and if anyone else gets access to that phone, don’t have access to the disarm code. How big of an issue that is just depends on each family.

There are a lot of phone-based solutions that might work. My concern with those with teenagers is the phone battery is dead or the phone is lost and now they can’t get into the house. I like to have an option that is kept at the house for pin entry. It’s the 21st-century of the old key hidden under a flower pot trick, but hopefully a little more secure. :wink:

For many households these days that would just be a regular keypad smart lock on the front door , but that won’t work if there’s not a delay because intruder alert will be signaled before the lock code entry is completed .

SmartAlarm does offer a zone delay, which Smart Home Monitor does not yet

We should note at this point that the very popular community-created smart app, smart alarm, does allow for zones and delays Per zone.

So some households might choose to have smartalarm guarding just the front door lock and use its delay feature to allow for pin code unlocking of the smart lock, and then have that disarm smart home monitor which was Monitoring everything except the exterior front door. That way you could still have smart home monitor and its video options but get the advantage of smartalarm’s zone delay.

Or of course if you don’t need the exclusive smart home features, you could just use smartalarm and then you’d have a zone delay and life would be easy again. :sunglasses:

@Laguna [quote=“blebson, post:2, topic:41261”]
you have a smart lock then you can have that automatically disarm the system when a code is entered. This might help but without built-in entry/exit delays in SHM you might still have issues with false alarms.
This is exactly what I do that is the most used by the family. I have a Schlage BE469 using @RBoy Lock multi user code management and matching device handler and @geko SmartAlarm with entry/exit delays. This setup has been rock solid. You enter a valid code and it sends a DISARM routine. I originally tried this setup with Smart Home Monitor and it never worked because of the lack of entry/exit delays.

But I have multiple other ways for the kids to arm/disarm using keyfobs on their keyrings, and then finally a tablet mounted inside the door running @625alex SmartTiles which basically functions as the keypad because they need a PIN to unlock the screen. But out of all these methods the Disarming by the Schlage is the one favored by all.

And the last solution that I haven’t installed yet because the Schlage technique worked so well was similar to @JDRoberts suggested [quote=“JDRoberts, post:5, topic:41261”]
If you only want to use officially compatible devices you can install an ST-compatible keypad lock that doesn’t actually unlock anything and use that as your security keypad. It could be inset into a wall, on a post in the yard, whatever you want. As long as getting near it to unlock it does not set off your intrusion alarm, you can have unlocking it disarm your SHM before you unlock your regular lock. :sunglasses:

Basically I purchased a relatively inexpensive non-ST outdoor keypad designed for a door access system like this one that uses PIN’s or one of the 10 RFID keyfobs to provide a dry contact that I was going to monitor with a Ecolink wireless sensor that SmartThings could monitor and trigger a Routine I’m Back. This was the least favorite for me because all the management of the codes was through the keypad instead of SmartThings. Then I was going to have hardwire the power supply in the garage to power the keypad that was going to be mounted outside the garage door.


You can use the Iris Keypad from Lowes. They are selling them for $29.99 this 4th of July weekend. You will need to read this thread to set it up.

Use the API to enter your Device Handler, FInd your new thing, then copy the code for the SmartApp usign the API, then finally go to makretplace to find “MyAPPS” and configure your Smart APP key code for arming and disarming.


That’s the same Iris keypad that the OP mentioned in post one that, for whatever reason, his family didn’t want to use.

Many community members do use it successfully and are quite happy with it.

However, while that solves the pin pad issue, it still doesn’t change the fact that SHM doesn’t have an entry delay. So you have to put the keypad outside of your detection zone. And of course the problem with that is you are then allowing people an infinite amount of time to try and figure out your key code.

I like the iris keypad a lot, I just wish SHM had an entry delay.

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I’m in the same boat at the OP. I use SimpliSafe for my home security but have a new ST box and am looking into a DIY approach. I saw the Iris keypad but didn’t realize there’s no entry delay on the sensors. Maybe there is on other brands of motion/entry sensors? Or has this been updated since this thread was being discussed perhaps.

I can see the smart keypad lock at the door disarming the alarms would work at the front door, but in my case I’d also need one at the garage door and who knows how I’d solve my back sliding door…

The official smart home monitor feature still doesn’t have entry/exit delays. :disappointed_relieved:

Quite a few people are using core to add a delay which can work well with the understanding that it won’t run locally, so if the SmartThings cloud is not available then the delay won’t work.

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Interesting solution to the problem for sure. Can’t believe they still haven’t really figured out this security system setup.

I JUST got a marketing email from them this morning that was focused on home security/monitoring too. /rollseyes


Smart Alarm which can be found in the SmartApps store, under Safety & Security has the feature of Entry/exit delays, and can break down the system into virtual zones if thats of any help?

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by @geko the SmartThings author “Please note that this app is provided here as is and is no longer supported. Smart Alarm users are advised to switch to Smart Home Monitor (SHM), the native home security application developed and supported by SmartThings.” I got this from his github.

So I am assuming based on the current posting by ST that this is one of those apps that is being pulled out of the Marketplace.

UPDATED: BUT now I see @geko posted this recently


Agreed. This user is looking for recos for smartthings. Not terse opinions on smartthings as an alarm system. I would like a keypad as well for the same use case.

You are replying to a post which is over a year old, so the information in this thread is now out of date.

See the following FAQ on keypad options. ( this is a clickable link)

Also, if the issue is just something simple for kids to use, the new SmartThings/ADT security panel system offers a key fob device for disarming. Note that this device can only be used with that specific model, not with the original hub. But if you haven’t bought your hub yet, and you are primarily interested in security, you should definitely look at the ADT/SmartThings things model.

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