Lowe's Iris Sensors (New CentraLite models)

yes, these are new sensors, I personally using contact sensor with temperature sensor right now. mine was just $2 more expensive :frowning:

Has anyone gotten the keypad to work yet?

I’m not sure anyone has seen the keypad yet. This is the first mention I’ve seen about it being out in the wild.

Nope, wasn’t on sale. I don’t think anybody touch it yet.
I’m getting one for sure.

Well, I bought one just in case. They only had two.

I didn’t get any of the sensors. I have a bunch of the trippers already. I’ll grab these when I need more.

Check out this thread for a devicetype and smartapp that works on the CentraLite zigbee keypad, with some luck it might just work for the lowes one.


I bought the keypad on Sunday just in case,. Can’t wait for it to work. I’ve got plans!

Did they have the new smart button?

I stopped by a Lowes on the way home from work just now, and there were two employees gutting the shelves of all the old stuff and getting ready for stocking up on the new stuff from Iris.

I wanted another motion sensor, and the button, but those weren’t on the shelf yet. They had the new hubs, camera, keypads, water valves, and contact sensors on the shelves. I didn’t ask about the motion sensors, plus I needed to head out. I hope to see the motion sensors and button tomorrow, at least I hope so.

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What are uses for the keypad?

Set the mode for smart home monitor would be a cool one :smile:

Ok. I installed the device type and smart app. The keypad will connect to ST but it does not ID. It only finds a thing. Going in and changing the device type to this doesn’t do anything for it. The app doesn’t do much for it either.

I’m bummed… but since they came out today I’m sure that someone will have something soon… just wish I could do the programming thing…

Many Thanks to @Mike_Maxwell!

I could not find the new Lowes Iris Centralite Motion Detectors or Contact Sensors in any of my local Lowes. He was kind enough to ship me a set of each that he picked up from his local Lowes. Received this weekend!

Not installed yet , but I am sure they will work well.

SmartThings certainly does have an awesome community!


The keypad being sighted is great news. Maybe I’ll have to go to Lowes at lunch and see if they’re here yet. :slight_smile:

I like the look of the xfinity keypad better. Only for sale on eBay worries me (about later support). I’m having second thoughts on the Iris keypad. Went from no options to two… FWP I know.

The xfinity keypad is a SMC and requires installation code to get it installed

[quote=“jerzydiver, post:272, topic:24367, full:true”]
The xfinity keypad is a SMC and requires installation code to get it installed
[/quote] They offered both an SMC and a CentraLite keypad. The CentraLite does not require an installation code.

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is it possible to set the sensitivity of the motion sensor? right now it detects me tossing and turning in bed!

I just stopped by Lowe’s. It looked like they were in the middle of putting the new sensors out on the shelves. There were some boxes of the motion sensors as well as the new keypads sitting around on the floor. I had to ask about the new contact sensors. They had 4 of them at the store and were able to bring them down for me. I can’t wait to get home later and set them up!

Still can’t find anything in St. Louis.