Android as a Speech/Alarm Device released! And Updated!

Well… released on Google Play and on the website. SmartThings hasn’t approved the device handler or SmartApp yet.


  • Do you want an easy way to announce events - with speech or with chimes and alarms?
  • Do you want to have such announcements handy while you’re not home - e.g. a chime when the front door opens on your cell phone?
  • Does buying a Sonos system or dedicating a computer to VLC Thing seem like overkill to get sounds out of SmartThings?

Then perhaps LANnouncer (formerly LANdroid) is the solution. LANnouncer enables SmartThings to talk on Android devices running Lollipop or higher, via LAN (local network) or via SMS.

See the LANnouncer web page for more information and to download the groovy driver (for now, until SmartThings approves the publish), plus LANnouncer on the Google Play entry for the Android service, or this post of the running testing over the last week.

NEW: Installation Guide at my KeyBounce page.

Update 28 March 2016: New version - fixes some WAN access bugs.
17 July 2016: New release on the Play store, new SmartThings Device Handler, and new web page with far better organization.


Would it be possible to post a link to the apk? I’m getting a location or incompatibility error when trying to get it from Google Play.

I’ve received probably ten such requests via message also.

The preferred download is via Google Play; that will be the latest version and the Play Store ensures your device is running a compatible version of Android.

But… if you wish to try it anyhow, you can now download the APK directly from the LANdroid web site, in the Getting It section. Just don’t bash it if functionality isn’t solid on unsupported devices.


Definitely no bashing, really looking forward to testing it out. Thanks for the assistance.

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@NinjaBread Would you mind trying again directly from the Play Store when you get a chance and once it shows today’s date (28th) for the Updated date? I’ve updated the manifest permissions so that hopefully, if you’re running Lollipop, tablets can download it. (They couldn’t before because they lack Telephony, meaning SMS.)


Link not work…

Which link isn’t working? They all seem fine to me.

Link is not working from mobile devices. 404 not found on URL /mobile/LANdroidHowTo/LANdroid.html

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I don’t suppose there is any chance this could be made to work with Kitkat? I have two kitkat tablets, that I cannot figure a way to get upgraded to lollipop.


Porting to KitKat would be tricky; I’m using the AudioAttributes.Builder class, which was introduced well past KitKat, and I don’t have any older devices to test with.

@desertblade That does not exist, true. How are you getting there?

From my phone, just following the link. I thought it may be css or some logic in javascript that is redirecting to a mobile page. Looking at the source its as simple as webpages can get. My next best guess is Apache or what ever webserver you have is doing it.

If you last installed the Android portion a week ago, you may want to get the new LANnouncer on the Play store. It has much better reliability.

I first tried landroid and now I’m using LANnouncer . I have experienced the same problem with both apps on my galaxy S6. Upon starting me apps the system will work fine and a short while later the service will stop and I will no longer get notifications. Is there a known fix for this?

We can debug why LANnouncer is dying at least.

  • Uninstall LANdroid and LANnouncer from the tablet, to start clean
  • Install LANnouncer from the Play store or web site
  • Install CatLog or another logging system onto your tablet
  • Set up a logging filter so you see just the lannouncer log entries. (filter on LAN should be enough)
  • As soon as the service crashes, look at the log and send me what it says.

That will give me some idea what’s going on.

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Where can I download this from? I don’t see it in the US playstore…and the link is dead.

Try going directly to his website here:

For sideloading the apk, the direct link to download the LANnouncer.apk file is malformed (it has a mailto: in the link) so just go here to download it:

I did a Google Play search and found it here for a direct install onto your android device:

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Thanks for this…still can’t get to the site…I was able to download Lannouncer, is this all I will need to get notifications to work if a door opens and closes?

WOW MAN. Works like a champ with Big Talker. No Sonos for me…
In previous iteration I could not load it on Nexus7-2012 - now I can - woo-hoo!!

I didn’t find a donate link.

How did u get it to work? And integrate with Big talker? I’m not quite understanding how to combine the 2? And I’m not seeing any instructions or documentation.