Bose Soundtouch as an announcer

Hey guys,
I bought a Bose Soundtouch (instead of a Sonos).
Now it seems to have been a mistake.

I wanted the device to make announcements like
(back door open)
(front door open)
(John is home)
Or even just play a sound file of a chirp when a door or window opens.

This does not seem to be supported/available right now.

Any ideas how to hack a solution for this?

ST currently does not support any TTS functionality on these speakers. Infact, the SONOS TTS functionality is currently removed as ST is re-doing their TTS solution. You can use LANdroid with an old phone and stream sounds through Bluetooth connection to the speaker. A lot of people are doing this currently. @slagle can perhaps give a better idea on whether the Bose or Samsung speakers will be TTS compatible in future.

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Thanks for the reply.
I’m on an iPhone, so not sure if this would work for me, though I do have a 6 year old HTC Hero sitting around, but doubt it would be able to upgrade to Lollypop. :frowning:

$50 to $60 tablet running Lollipop. Rule Machine can talk through Announcer. Make sure the tablet has Bluetooth. BestBuy carries one.

Unfortunately the Bose API does not support playing a file in the same way that we did TTS on Sonos and the Samsung speakers.

Hello Tyler. Are you saying that the bose soundtouch will never be able to have TTS like the sonos and samsung devices?

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Sorry, I can’t help with that, but if you’re looking for a device to play notifications like the ones you mentioned you should check out the Aeon Doorbell.

It’s only about $50 and you can save up to 100 mp3 files on it and play them by track number using Rule Machine. I used a free text to speech website to generate most of the mp3s I’m using.

It has a few quirks, it’s not very loud and it doesn’t work well as a doorbell, but once you get it setup, the mp3 playing functionality works great.

A custom device type has been created for it: Aeon Doorbell Type Beta