LANdroid Testers for Images

I’ve added a lot of functionality to LANdroid that could use savvy testers. It now…

  • Can still do text-to-speech
  • And alarms, chimes, etc.
  • And pop-up notifications
  • New Features:
  • Can take pictures using the Android device camera
  • Can retrieve images from other IP cameras and send them to SmartThings
  • Has volume and silence controls so you can disable chimes when the phone is silent, or have chimes be much quieter than sirens.

The SmartThings code is the flakiest. I’m not happy with the lack-of-consistency in SmartThings - the precise same codepaths and data result in different hubAction outcomes, randomly as far as I can tell. But beyond that I think this is ready for testing by users who are accustomed to browsing around on their Android device SD cards.

Few question. I could never get this to work. So I deleted. It’s been of off my system now for awhile. I went into my router today port forwarding something for the first time. When I did in my router settings for the other device logged out and went back in a few minutes later to verify settings landroid had created a port forwarding on its own for some reason. Now I’m wondering why I uninstalled this several weeks ago it’s not showing in my applications anywhere, how come it created it’s own port forward? So how do tell if this thing is really gone from my system.

@Lee_Ross LANDroid/LANNouncer doesn’t do anything specific to create a port. Your router may be in a mode to do that automatically. There are only a few pieces, and all are easy to remove.

  • The Android app - just uninstall from Android. It won’t leave anything behind.
  • SmartThings - You can delete it from the IDE ( It only has what you put in place, and since it’s all Groovy code, you can easily see what it did.

Bummer that you couldn’t get it working. If you’d like some help with that, just let me know. It’s pretty easy once you know the little bits of network magic. :wink: