Am I missing Something (create sound alert on tablet)?

Well I searched the forum, but came up empty handed. I run the mobile app on a Nexus 7 tablet, mounted to the wall in my entry foyer.

Recently I added a sensor to my front gate. It works great and consistently shows that the gate is either open or closed. I see that the mobile app (and other “smart apps”) can send a text, SMS message, and turn on a light among other things. What I want to do, and what I expected to find, was to have the app generate a sound on the tablet. Seems like it would be such a simple “thing” to do?

Maybe I just missed it? Any sage advice greatly appreciated.


Using this app and Big Talker can make your Nexus 7 verbally announce or chime different events around your home including your gate opening and closing.

You’ll need this app to tell Smartthings when to make the announcements.

You can also do this with SharpTools + Tasker. In SharpTools, you would long press on a device to subscribe to events – for example, if you wanted to get a chime each time the gate opens, you would subscribe to the gate contact attribute.

Then within Tasker, you would setup a profile using SharpTools’ Thing State event plugin. In the profile, you could use the Media > Play Ringtone (or Music Play) action to play a sound.

PS. SharpTools also has a set of widgets and a number of other Tasker plugins which are helpful for various projects:

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Hey thanks so much Jimxenus and joshua_lyon! I am so glad to see I actually did “miss” something. Very much appreciated; I am now off to go check them out.


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