Andriod Tablet Or Ipad?

Well I thought I can pick up a used one of either since all it is going to do is run ST and any other cool integrations that may come up.

I was just trying to decide which one would be more beneficial.

I would hate to lose the kind of control you have over android devices. And you can get a warehouse deal kindle for under $30.

But there are a lot of nice in wall mounting brackets available for ipads. For Android tablets, you pretty much have to roll your own, use magnets, or velcro. . .

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I hear you. I have always been an android guy but the walls mounts are horrible.

I just did not know if Apple had some good smartthings integration that I may have been missing out on.

The ipads wall mounts are nice but are expensive for what they are.

Yeah, Micro Center has a tablet running android 5.01 for 30 bucks!

Many community members have wall mount tablets. There are a couple of threads discussing them that you would probably find of interest. Most are discussing the use of smarttiles, but it can run in any browser, so you are not limited to android for that. (Tasker and SharpTools are android only if you see those mentioned.)

As I mentioned, the main advantage for iOS is if you intend also use IBeacons or HomeKit. That adds functionality for people who want those, particularly the iBeacons, but otherwise you’ll probably get more out of android.

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I’m a total mac guy. With that said, I have a Amazon tablet that I rooted and installed Android on to use as a wall mounted control for lights and various things at my second location. I would prefer to use an ipad that I can do split screen with, but you can’t argue the cost of the cheap android tablets. It would be awesome if ST actually made their app for tablets or even if it worked in landscape. I also wish they would use tiles in the rooms so that you could fit more things on the screen. I know I can do this with Smarttiles, but it would be nice if it just worked in the app.

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Yes! The app looks ridiculous on even a 7" tablet. Mostly blank space.

Thanks everyone for their input. Maybe I will wait a bit till ST rolls it out in landscape mode.

I’m sure that will come out right around the time that everything is stable and always works as it should.


Have you had a chance to look at smarttiles yet? It’s a very popular third-party dashboard for smart things, and is customizable, including color and tile size. It works very well in landscape mode. :sunglasses:

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Yep, browsing it now. There is so much to learn!

Too many great developers here that are so helpful.

Love being a part of the community.


Android tabs are cheap and SmartTiles kills in that environment. I have one on each floor(wall) or the house and a shortcut on my phone and laptop. A cheap and consistent environment across all devices.


Android devices can use a great app called LANnouncer which lets you utilize them as a notification system in your house. Ex. “Dishes are done”, “Washer is done”, “Front door lock is jammed”

I have one in just about every room with SmartTiles running. Perfect combo IMO.


I use koala wall mounts for my iPads and Android tablets. Quite nice that you easily can remove them and configure them in the couch :slight_smile:

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I’ve seen those and I might try them, but it looks like the tablet is just resting there. I want something cleaner, like what you can do with an ipad:

A flush mount for a kindle would be nice. There’s an expensive frame you can use, but it will stick out too far.

Right now I’m just using velcro on the side of a black bookcase. But I need something better for a display on the wall upstairs that I have planned.

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Check this thread: tons of mounting ideas, many with pictures. :sunglasses:

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I’ve been through that thread a few times. I don’t recall any recessed fire tables. There are some nicely magnet mounts and a frame or two.

I found a site that has a pretty good idea for how to get the wireless charger more neatly integrated than what I recall seeing here.

The solder points are pretty clear. . . .

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It’s not fully recessed, but this project report has some tips specific to the fire tablet that might be helpful:

After much reading, someone brought up a good point. Although, I love the way a recessed tablet looks and I am thinking that I am going to get or build something that might be future proof, for lack of better words.

When you recess a specific tablet you are pretty much limited on what you can replace it with when it either goes obsolete or it happens to break down.

On another note, it is crazy how much these plastic holders cost!


Good point, but drywall isn’t that hard to patch up. I have plaster over lathe in most of my house and I’m still considering a recessed solution. But the potential mess makes magnets very attractive. . . .

The magnets do make a very strong case.

I have a two gang outlet that I was going to mount an intercom on and never did so it would work perfect for me to go that route. I even have Cat5 there where I can run power over ethernet making it that much simpler.

Yikes, plaster is even harder… LOL

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