Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support

Wow, all we need is more teasing and suspense. Share it already. :smile:


How about a date for sharing the information? The information sharing should not have to go through QA, so it can be fairly predictable.

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Great read I totally agree, social media is a powerful thing, and if SmartThings wants to remain they better get their act together.

ST burns one of its few life boats as the ship sinks. All violins and cellos to the main deck…


The process is to submit it for “publication” in the IDE. Which doesn’t work. At all. I submitted LANDroid (now LANNouncer) five months ago, followed up a few months later with some queries when they hadn’t acted, and they still haven’t looked at it.

So, in summary, there’s no way to get it reviewed or vetted, and yet they will use that as an excuse for not addressing why things don’t work.


Have you ever tried that? Submitting does not have any correlation to vetting/reviewing…


[quote=“slagle, post:4227, topic:28730, full:true”]It actually never was submitted for publication, but we would have put it through the review process if it was.
See, y’all lose a lot of credibility with statements like these. Check out my last post… you guys don’t even check the queue. When I asked about progress on this a few months ago, I couldn’t even get an answer.


@slagle @Tyler . Seems there is a general negative feeling on the process of publication.
Can you explain the process from the begening to end and what are the requirements for an app to be accepted? What are the order of priority (how do you guys choose to work on one and not on another one).
Is there a daily monitored queue of those publication requests?

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Watch the dev discussion above. If I remember correctly they are working on defining it right now. It sounded like their intention is to automate the process so that it’s instant when you hit the button, there is no timeline (at least that they shared)

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[quote=“schapper05, post:4349, topic:28730, full:true”]

Watch the dev discussion above. If I remember correctly they are working on defining it right now. It sounded like their intention is to automate the process so that it’s instant when you hit the button, there is no timeline (at least that they shared)
[/quote]There’s no timeline currently. :wink:

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It’s the Hub V3! For just $99 you can upgrade to the latest and best hub we have created. This one has bluetooth integrated and is connected to Apple’s very own Home Kit. We know that Hub V2 had bluetooth in it, but we didn’t get around to turning that on. It will be turned on from the get go on V3. Home Kit will be a coming soon after launch. We wanted to make sure everyone knew what our device was capable of as a selling point even if we are not actually going to turn it on and do anything with it. Don’t bother with V1 & V2, we stopped trying to get those to work a long time ago. All of our current focus is on Hub V3. If you liked SHM 1.0, wait until you see what we have install for SHM 2.0. Everything in your house will run through one smartapp. That’s right folks everything is tied to 1 single app. What happens when that app goes down? Well we are not actually sure, but we know you all will be posting about it here in the forums. Can’t wait to find out. Oh and those user submitted apps that we don’t even bother reviewing, well those are gone too. I know we took out the option before to search for apps, but that was all because there was no need for it. We don’t need your apps anymore. Everything will run though our vary stable SHM 2.0 only available on Hub V3. The learning curve on SHM will be very easy. Some might think it looks just like Rule Machine. So get those credit cards ready folks. Hub V3 is here baby!


After we do a push either today or tomorrow.

So a V3 hub is coming out.
Great… I’ve only had my V2 hub a few weeks.
Why not warn us to hold back and I would not have waisted my hard earned cash on an obsolete product.
Maybe Samsung will let me part exchange it…


This is absolutely not the case.

I seriously hope your comment has as much comical tone as mine did.


@fightingmajor you suckered me into that one. :joy:
Nice one.
Note to self. Read, digest, engage brain before responding.


You win the greatest troll post of the thread award! Nicely done! :slight_smile:


It’s asking for your home address and ssn


Anyone who installed the latest code into their IDE still has it there. Bruce included this licesne with the code:

This software if free for Private Use. You may use and modify the software without distributing it.

This software and derivatives may not be used for commercial purposes.
You may not modify, distribute or sublicense this software.
You may not grant a sublicense to modify and distribute this software to third parties not included in the license.

Software is provided without warranty and the software author/license owner cannot be held liable for damages.

So while any individual user is welcome to keep using it, or make changes to it, no one here can distribute it to any other user. Only Bruce can do that. I respect his preferences and his decision to withdraw access to the code.