[RELEASE] LANnouncer with IFTTT

I can’t seem to connect to my Fire tablet. I put in the ip address and port and it just stays grey. I tried redoing the whole thing with no luck. It worked then my power cut out and it doesn’t work anymore.

One possibility - If the tablet did not have a static ip address, when your power came back up it may have been assigned a different IP address when it reconnected. I would verify the address of the tablet.

I got it to reconnect and was setting up some core pistons and big talker and all of a sudden can only use speak setting. Did I do that on accident maybe?

When you were setting-up/configuring Big Talker, did you set the switch on the first configuration page to OFF? It defaults to Music Player and not Speech Synthesis. For LANnouncer it needs to be on Speech Synthesis.

Could I do both? When it was setup to default music player it did speech and chimes. Could I maybe have two of the same device one setup as voice synthesizer and the other as a music player to get both benefitsm

I get spoken event notifications from Big Talker set to speech synthesis through my tablet with LANnouncer. I use CoRE to ring a chime on the tablet via LANnouncer when a door sensor is opened or closed.

Have you been to http://www.keybounce.com/lannouncer/ or the other thread below?


Wha? Is this what I’ve been missing?!

I simply want Big Talker to say Please Let The Dogs Out. Without having to do complex CoRE pistons. Will this work for that?

Ok I feel really dumb and maybe because I kinda am with this stuff. I don’t really know what in doing. I add the device handler. I then go to my devices. Add new and I can find LANnouncer on the bottom. I select it but it looks nothing like the walk though page. It wants a name and device Id and a hub or home? I can get to step 7 and that’s it. Step 8 doesn’t look like anything I see

Almost got it. Seems to be working pretty solid now. Just cant get the chime to work in core. How do you have your core setup?

I have a tablet (the one that came with my Vizio TV), connected via Bluetooth to an Echo. Here is a Piston that chimes if doors are open too long. The chime is weak on the tablet but from the Echo its so cool!

Thanks. One last thing? How do you have the tablet set? Do you use it as a synthesizer?

Yep Speech Synthesizer

Awesome. Yup got it all working now. Than you so much for the help. Do you know of a way to make it repeat a word without having to type it oup a lot of times? Want it to say intruder once the alarm sounds.


Use the Follow-up with Piston in CoRE and then Cancel on Piston State Change

If "Blah Blah Blah"
Then Speak "Intruder"
Wait “X” amount of time
Follow-up with Piston

Select at the bottom
Cancel on Piston State Change

This way once the alarm is silenced, the loop will stop.

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Boom. It would be that simple. Thanks again for the help!

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I have a Aeon minimote that i use to arm/disarm SHM. Was wondering if there is anyway to use the other 2 buttons to silence Lannouncer in case the siren goes off. I have 2 instances of Lannouncer running on 2 android phones.
I doubt there is an answer but have to ask

Yes, LANNouncer has a command to silence it. From the commands page of the website, send @#ALARM=STOP. So just assign that to those buttons via, e.g., BigTalker.


Thank you so much. Works like a charm

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i pretty sure i have everything set up, tablet connected to echo, device installed on ST, with correct ip of tablet.
Also have lananouncer setup on tablet.
But there is a option faded for TTS, any idea’s?

Is there any setting that i should look at to double check.

Announcement: LANNouncer’s server may be down for a bit this weekend.


  • GCN, WAN and IFTTT integration may not work during that time.
  • Premium features will not work on restarted devices
  • Premium features will continue to work if you don’t restart
  • Any pure-local features and TTS integration will work.

Work Around
Please consider keeping LANNouncer running, without rebooting, from tonight until Monday, and understand that the cloud features may temporarily stop working.


I am moving. This should be a short outage until the new networking is set up and configured.