Android as a Speech/Alarm Device released! And Updated!

You need several things to get this to work and you’ll need to access your “developer” account or create one here:

  1. a new Device type, you’ll need to use a ‘developer’ account to create this device type. You Copy/Paste this into “Create New Device” from code under the My Device Types tab:

  2. an android device running Lollipop (Android OS 5). Create a new device from code under My Devices tab and apply the new device type you created earlier from a pop up window. It should be near the bottom called “LANdroid Alerter”.

  3. LANnouncer software running on your android device.

  4. BigTalker smartapp running to create announcements, you’ll need a ‘developer’ account to create this custom smartapp. You’ll also COPY/PASTE this code into My Smart Apps tab.
    [OBSOLETE 1.1.6 5/25/16] Big Talker - Talk when events occur

Optionally another smartapp to send SMS to your Android device.

As mentioned earlier, more information can be found here:

If you need to know how to make device types and smartapps, I’ll dig up the links for those.


Big shout out to @Jimxenus for being a bigger help than I am!

@Phil_Panfili, I think I’ve corrected the links now.

Incidentally, there’s been a newer version for a while up on the web site, but not the Play Store, with a settings screen off the hamburger menu (the upper right menu), allowing you to choose to have LANnouncer respect the phone silence modes (or to ignore them; the default is to respect that if the ringer is off, LANnouncer should be quiet, so you have to switch this on tablets), and volume settings.

@ero4444 Thank you. Never occurred to me to set up a donation link.

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This is great stuff… I’m going to give it a go. I already got Bigtalker installed, and Lannouncer…

I should be able to do #1.

But I’m a little confused about number 2? Where do I add the device? And what am I adding?

Okay, I’ve got a lot of improvements to make to the documentation apparently. :wink:

  1. Log into
  • Go to My Device Types (fifth over on the top, not My Devices), Create New, From Code.
  • Download the LANdroid device groovy file (click), and paste it into the window for the “code”
  • Save and “Publish” for yourself. (That’s an actual option.)
  • In, go to “My Devices” (Third over on the top)
  • Create new device, choose the “LANdroid Alerter” type (which will be at the bottom of your list)
  • Name/configure it
  • That’s all you need for a LAN-connected device (e.g. local tablet), but if you want to receive chimes, alarms or speech on your cell phone when away from the house, use similar processes to install the SmartApp
  • Tell BigTalker to use this device in the events.

It sounds like a lot of steps, but it’s really pretty quick. Sort-of like checking your gmail - turn computer on, log into computer, open start menu, select web browser, go to, enter user id, enter password, click enter. Eight steps to get to gmail, which you think of as “open gmail”.


Thanks for the reply, NWTony. I’m going to give this a go when I get back home. One last question, if you don’t mind me asking.

Is there a delay on the announcements when doors/windows are opened? I’m other words, when I open a door and set a custom notification will there be a 5 second delay like the rest of the smartapps I have tried?

Thanks again.

There can be a delay, which seems to depend on the SmartThings cloud. It’s longer, of course, if you use the SMS capability/app; the LAN is quicker.

I added an Installation page to the web site.

I have old tablet running Android 4.2 :reliconfused: what should i do for LANnouncer?

I’m going to give this a try tonight… But I have some questions…

I can set this up on an Android device that is connected to a speaker to get alert like the front door is open, or the garage door is open, or the laundry is done… Awesome if yes.

Then in another room I have an Android device (my phone) which connects to a Bluetooth speaker when I come in the room… Would I be able to get alert there as well? Such as the speaker is quiet when I’m not in the room (no Bluetooth connection) but would sound the alerts when I came in and it connected?

Also, would my phone have to be on the network to receive the alerts to send to the speaker? So if I wasn’t home would I still get the alerts that the kids are running in and out of the front door?

I’m hoping I can have multiple Bluetooth speakers around the house… Kids phones connect to their speakers, one in the living room and kitchen always connected to a stationary device, mine and the wife’s phones only when we are home and in our room.

It would be kind of a customizable alert system based in location in the house and who is in that location.

The Android device will use the current output, which could be the internal or an external (wired or bluetooth) speaker. Wherever the sound is coming from.

Your phone will give the sound from the phone speaker when not connected to bluetooth, and from the bluetooth speaker when connected.

If you want to get alerts from your phone when not on the LAN, you install the SmartApp also, and use SMS to send the alerts. Then it will go to your phone by SMS instead of LAN, which is a bit slower but works away from the network.

To make it location aware - not alerting when not in a specific location, you’d want to combine the events with modes using either BigTalker or RulesEngine.

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NWTony I’m pleased to say that I got this up and running. And for the the most part it is working pretty good, with very little delay…most of the time.

Here are my two main issues, that maybe you can help with

If the system sits idle for awhile, no opening of doors or anything, then when a door finally opens it doesnt work, unless you go to wake the device up. Is there a way around this? When it’s in use often it works flawlessly.

And second I get double notifications…it will say say “door opened” “door opened”.

Other than those two issue it’s a great little tool, but the first issue is a problem.


Has anyone successfully gotten this to work with an Android device running Marshmallow? Everything appears to be set up correctly on my Nexus 7 and in SmartThings, but when I trigger any of the test sounds from the SmartThings device the tablet doesn’t make a sound. SmartThings logs seem to indicate the request is being sent at least. My local tablet IP is, the notification volume is at the max, and I’ve started and stopped the LANnouncer service on it multiple times.

4:45:58 PM: debug 040b
4:45:58 PM: debug IP address entered is and the converted hex code is c0a80070
4:45:58 PM: debug Sending command to
4:45:58 PM: debug Command request: &ALARM=CHIME&@DONE@
4:45:58 PM: debug Executing ‘beep’

yes Marshmallow working. is it a notification or actually a media noise? I’m quite sure that I don’t know. you didn’t mention BigTalker but I guess you don’t need it for selected alarm sounds - NOPE SEEMS CERTAIN that you need BT.

Chances are if you start over with the improved instructions, remembering NOTHING of what you did before, that you can make it work.

[quote=“Phil_Panfili, post:31, topic:30282, full:true”]
NWTony I’m pleased to say that I got this up and running. And for the the most part it is working pretty good, with very little delay…most of the time.[/quote]
Glad to hear it.

[quote=“Phil_Panfili, post:31, topic:30282, full:true”]
Here are my two main issues, that maybe you can help with

If the system sits idle for awhile, no opening of doors or anything, then when a door finally opens it doesnt work, unless you go to wake the device up. Is there a way around this? When it’s in use often it works flawlessly.[/quote]
Wake up which device? The Android device? I don’t have that problem, but suspect it’s a networking setting. Check under your device Settings - WiFi - Advanced. Make sure “Keep WiFi on during sleep” is on (or power save is off, or whatever the setting is to not disconnect WiFi when sleeping.)

Did you install it in the simulator also? You may need to uninstall that one. On your graph page, you should only have one device per, well, device.

Does the strobe work for you? What does the Android log say? (Install catlog or something similar from the Play store if you don’t have it, and you can check with a filter on lann.)

I tested on Marshmallow and is working perfectly… Thanks NWTony :smile:

I followed your directions. What do you mean when you ask did I install in simulator as well?

Okay, let’s back up a bit.
In the log (, do you see two commands being sent, or one?

It’s there any way to change the chime sound? I’d out possible through big talker to play other sounds besides chime and alarm?

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I could program it in. I didn’t because the configuration U.I. would take a fair amount of work and then I’d have people confused as to:

  • Why their sounds broke when they moved the files or ejected the card
  • Why the program crashed when they tried to play a JPG
  • How to find their sounds anyhow


  • I run LANdroid/LANnouncer on several devices at once. How do you ensure they all respond to the same custom sounds?
  • What mapping between label and MP3 file? (You really can’t send the filename over the connection from BigTalker to LANdroid on ST to the device.)
  • What type of file picker? How do you name them and help the user ensure they were consistent?
  • Would LANdroid on ST query the device for the current list?

So lots of reasons why I didn’t do that. The Android piece was already a lot more work than you’d expect, especially for the price. (Free, of course. :wink: )

Are there some specific sounds, that could have unique labels, you’d like added?